Wednesday 7 June 2023

St Mungos workers on strike in Willesden tomorrow - join the picket at 9.30am in Pound Lane, Willesden


Brent Trades Council is urging local activists to support workers at the homelessness charity St Mungos when they strike tomorrow. The workers are striking for a decent pay increase after what was described as a 'pitiful' offer. That is contrasted with high salaries for the bosses of the charity.

The picket is at Pound Lodge at115 Pound Lane, Just opposite Willesden bus garage.(nearest tube Dollis Hill on the Jubilee line.

A rally in support of the St Mungo workers  is planned for later this month on June 16th at noon outside Brent Civic Centre. Look out for final details on Wembley Matters. 


Anonymous said...

The call to support the striking workers at St Mungos is a necessary response to the pitiful offer made by the charity's bosses. It is outrageous to witness the stark contrast between low wages for workers and the exorbitant salaries of executives. This inequality epitomizes the flaws of capitalism, prioritising the accumulation of wealth for a few at the expense of the majority. Joining the picket line and attending the rally in solidarity are powerful actions to challenge these oppressive dynamics. Together, we must dismantle the structures that perpetuate such injustices and fight for fair treatment of all workers.

Anonymous said...

Agree that the the directors salaries there are far too high, its supposed to be a charity supporting homeless and less fortunate people.