Thursday 15 June 2023

Open City reach recognition agreement with the IWGB

 From Open City

Some exciting news this week at Open City is that we have entered into a recognition agreement with Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain (IWGB). The union will support all workers at the charity and provide a collective voice for staff to have a say in the future of the organisation. Read more from our Union reps Chris Fisher, Simon Vickery and Deborah Denner chair of the Open City board of trustees here 


Editor's note this is what Open City do:


Open City is charity dedicated to making architecture and neighbourhoods more open, accessible and equitable.

Our mission is to empower communities to learn about, experience and have a role in shaping places where they live. We collaborate with people from diverse communities to widen access to spaces, built heritage, neighbourhoods, knowledge and careers they are often excluded from. We do this by creating educational and cultural programmes discussing, celebrating and opening up historic and contemporary buildings and landscapes.

Our work is organised into 5 strands:

Open House Festivals

Empowering communities, residents’ groups, civic organisations and local businesses to exhibit and learn about buildings and neighbourhoods which matter to them, our Open House Festivals are accessible volunteer-led public celebrations encouraging audiences to explore new places, learn about different communities and experience diverse architecture first-hand. In London our Open House Festival engages tens of thousands of visitors a year across over 800 sites in all 33 boroughs.

Children and Young People

We work with schools and higher education providers to support children and young people from low socioeconomic backgrounds, under-represented communities, and with special education needs and disability to develop the design skills and critical thinking needed for successful careers in creative industries including design, architecture and landscape.

Tours, events and publications

We run year-round programme of events, walking and cycling tours, training courses, publications, podcasts and new media programmes centred on critically exploring built heritage and architecture.

Worldwide Festivals Network

We lead, support and grow an international network of over 50 Open House Festivals from Lagos to New York, creatively engaging over 750,000 citizens a year with architecture of their local communities.

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