Friday 16 June 2023

Brent Council adds insult to Barham Park injury: incompetent or taking the piss?

Residents who were involved in the Barham Park application to build on a site within the park, approved by the Planning Committee on Monday, were surprised to get up to four emails today with the same letter attachment correcting the previous letter that had falsely claimed that covid restruction meant that attendance was restricted. The letter was dated June 6th 2023 but received on June 16th.  The meeting was held on June 12th.

The letter contained joining instructions for  joining the meeting which had already happened to speak about a decision already made.

As one resident remarked, 'Are they grossly incompetent or are they taking the piss?'


Anonymous said...

Yes, we got 4 of these letters by email today too.

Makes you wonder how competant Brent Council Planning Department are?

Anonymous said...

Competent, no way unless you put un in front