Tuesday 13 June 2023

Wembley Park residents deprived of 206 bus for 5 afternoons and evenings while Love is on Tour. Vulnerable residents left stranded.


A resident of the King's Drive/Pilgrims Way estate has written to Barnhill councillor, Kathleen Fraser, about the impact of the curtailment of the 206 bus at Brent Park on event days. Thirty minutes ago I had to inform people waiting in the heat at The Paddocks stop that there were no buses due to a concert at the Stadium.



As the writer points out we were promised that an advantage of North End Road being rejoined to Bridge Road was that the 206 could avoid the main stadum area by using North End Road on event days.



 Dear Councillor Fraser

I am writing to you with regard to the 206 bus route which, for many living in Kings Drive, The Paddocks, Salmon Street areas, is a real boon.  That is until there is an event scheduled at Wembley Stadium when no service is provided after 11.00/noon.

I believe I am correct in saying that in Brent's local plan for our area it was stated that the opening of North End Road to allow traffic to and from Bridge Road would mean that the 206 would be able to serve our area on event days.

The changes to the road layout have been completed and yet we are still deprived of our bus service.
Could I ask you to please enquire as to why this is the case and when we may expect a service to run regardless of events at the stadium.

May I point out that the suspension of this service disproportionately affects our most vulnerable residents - the elderly, disabled, parents with small children and women travelling home alone at night.

This week commencing Sunday 11 June we will be without a bus on no fewer than 5 afternoons and evenings.  
The bus company seems to suspend the service at the earliest time possible, even when traffic is light.

I would be most grateful for your help in this matter. Residents have been putting up with this for far too long.

Thank you in advance.


Martin Francis said...

Comment received by email:

Bus not available around 11.00 today when gates don't open at stadium til 16.00!! Just taking the mickey.

Anonymous said...

This is outrageous!

All we hear on the radio is "To the Mayor of London and TFL: Every Journey Matters" - yet it seems not every journey matters, certainly if you live close to the showpiece national stadium in Wembley which is supposed to be a public transport destination.

Why push ULEZ on us when you are cancelling buses?

Local buses should not be diverted or cancelled due to events at the stadium.

Anonymous said...

Tuesday 13th June 2023: Londoners are being asked by the mayor's office to consider choosing to walk, cycle or take public transport, and to "avoid unnecessary car journeys, stop their engines idling and refrain from burning wood or garden waste", a spokesperson said:

How can you take public transport when your bus is cancelled for most of the day due to a concert at the stadium???

Anonymous said...

Suggest you also raise this with Caroline Pidgeon at the London Assembly...she's helped us before with issues over buses:


"Championing high-quality, efficient public transport. Caroline is a persuasive voice in the Assembly and in the media and has delivered Lib Dem policies like the One Hour Bus Ticket and held the Mayor, TfL and Crossrail executives to account over the ongoing delays to Crossrail."

Anonymous said...

I completely understand and share the righteous anger expressed in the previous letter to Councillor Fraser regarding the appalling treatment of Wembley Park residents due to the curtailment of the 206 bus service during stadium events. It is an egregious example of the systemic injustices that continue to plague our society.

Public transportation is a critical lifeline for the working class and marginalised communities, providing access to essential services and opportunities. By depriving the residents of Wembley Park of a reliable bus service during events, the authorities are perpetuating a cycle of inequality and exclusion.

The broken promises outlined in the local plan for the area highlight the constant betrayal of the working class by those in power. The completion of road changes, which were supposed to alleviate the transportation challenges during events, has proven to be nothing but empty rhetoric.

The consequences of this bus service suspension go far beyond inconvenience; they exacerbate the struggles faced by the most vulnerable members of our community. The elderly, disabled individuals, parents with young children, and women travelling alone are disproportionately affected, further widening the gap between the haves and have-nots.

It is imperative that Councillor Fraser thoroughly investigates the reasons behind this ongoing deprivation and demands immediate action to rectify the situation. The working class of Wembley Park deserves a reliable and accessible public transportation system that serves their needs, regardless of any external events or interests.

As a community, we must unite in solidarity and demand justice for the residents of Wembley Park. By highlighting the inherent class bias in this issue, we can expose the oppressive mechanisms that perpetuate inequality and fight for a fairer society.

Together, we can challenge the status quo, hold those in power accountable, and strive for a society where the working class is no longer marginalised and their needs are prioritised. It is through collective action and a resolute commitment to equality that we can achieve true liberation for all.

Anonymous said...

You say "Public transportation is a critical lifeline for the working class and marginalised communities, providing access to essential services and opportunities." - it is also vital for pensioners and those unable to drive, for kids getting home from school, for people getting to see a doctor or going to a hospital.

I used to take the 206 after work going from Wembley Park to Brent evening classes at the Altamira in Stonebridge and it was always jam packed so I don't understand why they would just scrap this service on event days???