Friday 29 September 2023

Brent Council writes to tenants on implications of the Building Safety Act ahead of Saturday's deadline

Wembley Matters has written about the implications of the Building Safety Act on a number of occasions as well as putting questions to the Brent Cabinet lead member for housing.

Now Brent Council has written to tenants and leaseholders of all the blocks owned by the Council affected by the Act with the actions they and tenants have to take to comply.  I have embedded the letter below in order to keep the QR codes intact.

As usual click on bottom right to enlarge the image. 


These are the Brent Council blocks affected. In addition blocks owned by private companies and housing associations will come under the Act if they meet the criteria.

 Asked by Wembley Matters to comment on the Brent Council letter a local tenant said:

I wonder if any of those receiving a letter are aware of all the other statutory obligations that the council has to send to the building regulator by Saturday.

1) Registration ---Completed

2) KBI's (Key Building information)

3) Following Registration the council have to publish their Resident Engagement Strategy, along with a Complaints Policy in order to apply for a Building Safety Certificate for each building.

4) Publish a safety case for each building, including Resident Profiles.

However the Regulator will only wish to see a safety case if there has been a recent incident, so that means the council have to send a safety case for Kilburn Square which shows the regulator what fire safety measures were in situ at the time of the fire.

All the above have to be with the regulator by Saturday the 30th September 2023.

In the letters, the council  only refers to Safety Case Reports which are summaries of safety cases but they are not the same.

Safety Case Reports are not needed to be sent to the Regulator until the deadline which is the 6th April 2024.


Pete Firmin said...

I wonder when we are supposed to receive said letters? I don't know about other blocks, but I note the figure for Gorefield House of 113 is wrong - there are 140 flats in Gorefield House.

Martin Francis said...

Did you see the date on the letter? Seems unlikely that they were sent that early.