Monday 11 September 2023

Mayor of Brent and Brent Council Leader make statement after Islamophobic incident on 260 bus in Harlesden


There was a flurry of concerned activity on Twitter at the weekend when a tweet (above) appeared to show Cllr Orleen Hylton the Mayor of Brent ignoring an Islamophobic incident that has just occured. Comments were made yesterday and this morning calling for Brent Council to pay more than lip-service to challenging anti-Muslim abuse.



After confirmation that the photograph did show Cllr Hylton, Brent Council took to Twitter with an explanation and a commitment to challenge Islamophobia LINK:


Cllr Orleen Hylton, Mayor of Brent, says:


It is horrifying that a young women, with her child, could be verbally abused just because of her faith in a packed TfL bus in broad daylight.


I didn't witness the full situation unfold although I did hear raised voices when I was sat at the front of the bus. It was at the stop before mine, as I was preparing to get off, that I moved to the exit doors.


As a single female travelling alone, I know the victim must have felt very intimidated – as I did too.


I do sincerely hope that the victim is ok and that the Police and TfL are investigating thoroughly so he can be brought to justice.


Cllr Muhammed Butt, Leader of the Council, said:


There is absolutely no place for hate crime anywhere in the UK, but especially in one of most diverse boroughs in the country.


We would like to thank the individual who has highlighted this terrible case of Islamophobia in our borough. We have been in touch with the Police and TfL and trust that a thorough investigation will take place.


Islamophobia is a blight on our communities, it is a vile and unacceptable form of discrimination that has no place in our borough we will continue the fight to make sure that Brent is an inclusive and accepting place for people of all faiths and backgrounds.


This November, for the second year running, we will host and support a range of events to mark Islamophobia Awareness Month to show that we are all united and that any form of discrimination will not be tolerated in our community.


We will continue our work to raise awareness of Islamophobia in all its forms.

First reactions to the Council tweet remained critical:





School Parent said...

Cllr. Butt's talk is just talk talk. His real views of helping disadvantaged Muslims were seen at Islamia Primary School. He promotes to close the existing school and move it six miles away discriminating against the parents at the school who cannot get to the new site - and this the only Muslim school we have.

Complaining about a racist on a bus is just talk when Muslims need someone to stand up for them Mr. Butt does nothing. Never heard of the other councillor but she also seems to talk but not act like the present labour council.

Anonymous said...

This appears to be a growing problem, Brent needs help, but where from?

Anonymous said...

I have witnessed this kind of behaviour on several occasions on the 18 Bus, one whilst near Baker St, and the other in Wembley. People failing to give up their seats for disabled muslims, and also they being abused for speaking on the phone in their native language. It is disgraceful on every level, not everyone has the ability to film this, but the Bus Drivers should also step up and address these issues. Everyone should speak up in their defence when they see this disgusting behaviour happening.

Anonymous said...

Where are the Transport Police?

Anonymous said...

People are afraid to confront others - you never know who's carrying a knife or who's watching or filming you!

Anonymous said...

I agree with what the parent from Islamia said. Butt's legacy will be the disappearance of the only Muslim school in the borough. Muslims do not matter to him. We are only good for votes, then he will knock on our doors promising sky and earth. After that we go back to being invisible. I hope people don't forget at the ballot. Especially Muslims.

Anonymous said...

Butt could not continue without the Muslim vote. So whose fault is this?

Anonymous said...

Believe me he knocks on everyones door "promising sky and earth" and then ignores you or shouts at you when you try to speak to him.

He's only interested in himself!