Saturday 16 September 2023

Homes and Our Health: Renters and Refugees in Brent - Chalkhill Community Centre today 2.30pm - 5.30pm


Homes and Our Health: Renters and Refugees in Brent 2.30pm - 5.30pm

The London Renters Union and English for Action are hosting this Public Education event to raise awareness of the housing and public health issues facing renters and refugees.

With experts by experience from our organisations, campaigners, and experts in health, law and journalism - this event is open to all Brent residents and those working on these issues elsewhere.

Speakers include:

Vicky Spratt, Housing Journalist at the Guardian and author of 'Tenants'

Jordi López Botey, Economic Justice and Health campaign lead at Medact

Renters and Refugee representatives from LRU and EFA

There will be workshops on two campaigning issues:

1. # Not Another Winter with Damp and Moulde Brent branch of the LRU's campaign is aimed at educating local renters about their rights when facing disrepair, and pressing the council to step up to the scale of the problem with an enforcement regime that holds landlords responsible.

With housing solicitor, Samantha Lewis from Anthony Gold

2. Homes Not Hotels

Around 500 new refugees in Brent are real difficulty finding homes - and street homelessness - in many cases. After waiting years for a decision on their asylum claim, they have a matter of days notice to leave their Home Office accomodation. The Council takes no action until the day of eviction, and only with support (and the threat of legal action) are the most vulnerable housed. This workshop - with asylum seekers, charities and campaigners - will discuss the situation and what next steps we can take.

Address: 113 Chalkhill Road, Wembley Park, HA9 9FX

Whether you are a renter or a refugee, a concerned community member or representaive, a professional working in the fields of housing and health, this event is for you.

Together, we can make an impact on the lives of those facing housing challenges in Brent.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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