Thursday 7 September 2023

London Assembly unites in call for the Mayor to invest in new toilets on the tube - no more crossing your legs and hoping!

The London Assembly has yet again today supported a call from Caroline Russell AM for the Mayor to invest in new toilets on the London transport network – but this time with unanimous, cross-party support.


The call comes after a report released by Caroline Russell AM showed that less than a quarter of Transport for London (TfL) stations in zones 1 -3 of London have toilets, with ‘loo deserts’ like the Northern line stretching all the way from Morden to Kennington.




The call has also been supported by campaigners such as Age UK London. The need for a toilet can be a real challenge to older Londoners and those with a medical condition, preventing them accessing all that London has to offer.


Green Party London Assembly Member Caroline Russell said:


I expect the Mayor to listen and get on with providing new toilets at existing TfL stations. My report has uncovered a hugely uneven picture in the provision of toilets – some lines are flush with them, and others are just crap.


When I last asked the Mayor to invest in new toilets, he instead suggested a feasibility study which has taken months to even begin. Londoners need real investment in new toilets now. You can’t have a wee in a feasibility study.


I really hope this is the last time we have to come together as an Assembly and call on the Mayor to stop Londoners having to cross their legs and hope.


Abi Wood, CEO, Age UK London said:


The ability to use the transport network easily can be transformative. Unfortunately, the current lack of toilet provision can make journeys really difficult and in some cases lead people to decide not to make a journey at all. 


This ultimately prevents people from doing the things that they need and want to do – we shouldn’t accept that this is just how things are. We fully support calls for more investment in toilet provision on the TfL network. 


This is something that all Londoners will benefit from and make our city more inclusive and welcoming now and in the future.


Caroline’s report The London Loo League Table was published in August 2023, it draws on data from TfL to analyse toilet provision throughout London.


Anonymous said...

Are any of the existing toilets at these stations actually open? Perivale Station toilets at ticket hall level are always locked with no staff at that level to ask about how to get them unlocked. Toilets at Wembley Central were closed the other day.

And at super busy Wembley Park there's the massive concourse yet the toilets are at platform level, right at the end of the platform in quite a secluded area - I didn't feel safe using them when travelling on my own - they've closed the ticket office so why not create some toilets there?

Anonymous said...

London is possibly the worst European City when it comes to Toilet facilities at Tube stations around the capital. It's an absolute disgrace, as the previous comment states most are locked and you can never find anyone to help.