Tuesday 26 September 2023

New Petition: Save Barham Park from commercial development


A new petition has been launched on the petition site change.org LINK

 The Petition

Barham Park in Wembley/Sudbury (Brent) was donated to the 'public' for their recreation by Titus Barham the owner of Express Dairies in 1937.

The original buildings, some dating back to 1780, are currently rented out to local groups including Barham Community Library run by volunteers. The Leadership of Brent Council wants to get rid off all of the existing community groups and redevelop the buildings for commercial uses such as hotel rooms, supermarket, shops and commercial office space.

Local people oppose these plans and want to see them scrapped.

Barham Park used to be the home and gardens of the Barham family. We want the Titus Barham gift & legacy to be preserved for the enjoyment of the public.

Support our campaigning and help us send a message to Brent Council - HANDS OFF OUR PARK



Anonymous said...

I'd like to express my support for the proposed development in Barham Park. While the park holds historical significance and community value, I believe, as I have said before there are potential advantages to be gained from this redevelopment which the local nimbies have overlooked.

The existing buildings, some of which have stood since 1780, could be repurposed into spaces that serve the community in new and beneficial ways, such as hotels, supermarkets, shops, and offices. These additions might enhance the park's amenities and generate revenue to support its upkeep. This development has the potential to bring economic benefits, create jobs, and contribute to the our community's prosperity, it might also attact more visitors to the area, bolstering local businesses and vitality. It's in line with the Labour Party's commitment to improving the lives of ordinary people.

When considering the future of Barham Park, I believe it's essential to carefully weigh the preservation of its heritage against the potential benefits that commercial development could offer to the community. Remember it was Titus Barham’s success as a businessman allowed him the means to make such a valuable contribution to the community by gifting this park for public enjoyment. His legacy reflects the idea that responsible and successful business endeavors can coexist with a strong commitment to the betterment of society and I believe our hard working councillors are firmly in tune with his beliefs

Anonymous said...

"You cannot be serious!", Anonymous at 16:04.

Anonymous said...

"The existing buildings, some of which have stood since 1780" were left for the recreation of the people of Wembley - we Wembley residents pay our council tax for the park to be maintained in the same manner as all of the other local parks and their buildings in Brent.

We do not need hotels, office space, supermarkets or shops in Barham Park - we need more community space.

We need historic Barham Park and its buildings to be properly maintained and dedicated to community use as per Titus Barham's bequest - he left the park to the people of Wembley in 1937 as he was concerned about over development then - he'd be appalled by all the developments everywhere now.

Anonymous said...

You should go and see someone about your delusional ideas.

Anonymous said...

Knock and tell me that when I’m admiring the park from my 1780 air bnb window

Anonymous said...

Air B&B guests will be sitting ducks for thieves in this remote location - so good luck with that!

Anonymous said...

development will protect park users from thieves due to increased footfall

Anonymous said...

Anon 29 Sept 18:09

What a load of rubbish. Who will walk there to shop when there is a Tesco and much more on the failing highstreet. it isn't even near a bus stop, except the one where the buses from Wembley High Road stop (think about it). That remnds me, we all know retail is going out of fashion. As for a hotel, well I suppose if it was cheap enough they could do some hot bedding. This really is a stupid idea. As for Butt wanting to remove the covenent on the cottages, why does Butt want to gift Irvin thousands of pounds from a gift to residents of Brent, Irvin already gets the best deals from Butt on many things.

The buildings should be restored using grants from the many funding Trusts and then used for community groups such as a dementia cafe, library, studios for local people, veterans club, replacement for Sudbury Neighbourhood Centre, there are many community groups that would benefit. Note there is no mention of a cafe because we all know the history and the examples of other parks, in that it would not be financially viable.

It is really annoying when people who just support Butt's pie in the sky ideas write on here as is they know what they are talking about.

Anonymous said...

Having the police station almost directly opposite the park doesn't deter thieves and other ASB why would more footfall deter it?

AnonAnon said...

More parks should be built on. Including Gladstone Park and Fryent. There's a housing emergency. All the ones saying no building on these areas are all homeowners and nicely settled usually in semi detached house. Not homeless or in B n Bs or living in a bedsit. The voices of the latter are never heard!

Anonymous said...

Agreed. We have a housing EMERGENCY!! Build more!

Anonymous said...

Please think before you write, your comments are very disrespectful to the needs of the local community.

One of the reasons for the housing crisis is all the second homes standing empty or being rented out as Air B&B style accomodation which also destroys long term
community spirit in our area.

Another reason is the overseas investors buying up a loads the new build properties for investment driving up house prices and rental costs.

Another reason is all the huge blocks of student accomodation which should instead be available as housing for local people in need. Student accomodation does not even contribute to our local community needs through council tax - the students don't pay it and neither do the building owners.

Everyone needs our vital green open spaces for the improvement of their health and mental health through walking and socialising with friends and other residents - we need more community space where people can meet and attend local events.

People in shoe box size tower block flats desperately need parks for recreation as many of them cannot afford to exercise in expensive gyms and their children need to play outdoors as we all did.

Anonymous said...

You write from a position of housing privilege dismissing the potential for homes as ‘shoe box sized’.

You write from a position of discrimination dismissing students who ARE members of our community. Whether or not they form whatever capitalist definition of ‘contribution’ you align to is neither here nor there.

Many of our Labour councillors have been elected straight from being students which shows how their talent can benefit out communities.

You write from a position of the right when you seek to demonise people from “overseas” who wish to invest in wembley. By doing so it is you who is disrespectful to OUR community, the majority of which have origins overseas. Have you not looked around?

Anonymous said...

If the Labour Party truly cared about local people they would not have given £17.8 million pounds of our NCIL money to multi-million pound property developer Quintain to build the steps outside Wembley Stadium, a pure vanity project - they should have invested that money in our local communities here in Wembley.

How much more of our NCIL money and our council tax have Brent Council wasted on similar ventures?

Anonymous said...

Have you "looked around' and seen all the tenants crammed into shoebox sized rooms in properties owned by 'overseas' investors? They are earning a fortune driving up property prices whilst the tenants struggle in poor conditions.

Anonymous said...

The owners of the student accomodation blocks should pay council tax! Their rents are high and their tenants use all of our local services.

Anonymous said...

"Many of our Labour councillors have been elected straight from being students" - what other candidates have been pushed aside so that they can stand? What actual experience do these recent students have of running a business, dealing with difficult situations in the workplace or juggling a worklife balance whilst bringing up a family in an area where local services are depleted due to poor council decisions?

Anonymous said...

How quick was 'Anonymous1 October 2023 at 16:15' to judge another person's views - most people live in the real world not in the privileged world of modern day politics, they don't think left or right!

The decisions Labour run Brent Council are making affect everyone and everyone should be consulted and listened to.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2 October 2023 at 08:04

Good point and these councillors have proved your point by running Brent into the ground

Anonymous said...

Anon 1 October 2023 at 16:15

Your comprehension is terrible, therefore your racist argument is without merit. Look around you and see these rich and privilaged people moving into these expensive shoe boxes while residents live in cold and damp flats and they are trapped by the benefit system.

Anonymous said...

The community is wider than people on benefits and if you got a better job you could move into our luxury flats too.

Anonymous said...

Families don't need luxury flats with their expensive service charges - they want houses with gardens.

Anonymous said...

We do not need office space, hotel space and shops in Barham Park.

We need more community space where people from the whole community can come together and share their experiences, share ideas and create a better environment for all.

Young people also need safe spaces to meet.