Saturday 16 September 2023

Friends of Barham Park formed ahead of 1,000 plus petition to Brent Council on Monday

 Supporters of Barham Park have formed a Friends of Barham Park Group in the face of what they see as threats to the continuation of the park as left as a bequest to the people of Wembley by Titus Barham.


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Francis Henry said...

The key issues for Friends of Barham Park is the preservation of the Titus Barham Legacy of ensuring that Barham Park continues to provide "recreation" opportunities for local people.

This means:
1. There should be no more house building in the Park.
2. That the restrictive covenant that prevents the demolition of two "park keepers cottages" and replacing them with 4 large 3 storey houses is retained and not sold off.
3. That the historic building in the Park dating back to 1780s and currently occupied by the Barham Community Library and other community groups are repaired and protected.
4. That the historic features in Barham Park - including some of the crumbling paths and walls are repaired.
5. That the current Brent Council Plans to pursue "hypothetical" ideas to build Hotel/Airbnb rooms, shops, supermarket and commercial offices in place of community organisations and facilities are dropped.
6. That the buildings and the park are well managed and preserved for the benefit of local people and future generations.

We have the support of the Barham Family and Allan Barham whose great grandfather was a cousin of Titus Barham (who gifted Barham Park to the public) and whose grandfather worked for Titus' younger brother Arthur in United Dairies and who agreed to become Honorary President of Friends of Barham Park.

We welcome support from all local residents and local groups who have a genuine interest in preserving Barham Park for the benefit of local people.