Friday 22 September 2023

The Barham Park Trust – Brent’s “answer” to my two important questions.

Guest post by Philip Grant in a personal capacity

On 21 September, Martin published an open email I’d sent to Brent’s Chief Executive, seeking replies to two important questions I’d asked in an open letter of 4 September. My email said: ‘These two questions are still fundamental ones, which need to be answered, and the answers considered, before the Trust, or Brent Council, spend any more money on the Strategic Property Review.’



On 22 September, I received the following reply from Kim Wright, and as I have publicised my questions, I think it only fair that you should be able to read her reply. It is set out in full below:-



Dear Mr Grant,


Thank you for your email. I apologise that your previous correspondence has not been responded to.


You make reference to the proposal to redevelop the buildings at Barham Park, and ask two specific questions in relation to that. 


At this stage the proposal is hypothetical, intending only to show what might be possible and/or necessary in order to upgrade the buildings and safeguard their future over the longer term. There is nothing definitive or decided at this stage so there is no actual development against which to ask those questions.


As you are aware, the buildings are in poor condition and need significant investment so, at the Trust meeting on the 5th September, it was simply resolved that officers should seek to further develop these plans to establish whether an improvement project is even viable. They are some way off completing that work, given that decision was only made a couple of weeks ago.


It was further resolved that a more detailed business case, which will of course take into account any relevant legal and planning obligations, should be brought to a future meeting for consideration. Any decision at that point will be fully informed by advice on lawfulness and alignment with the Local Plan/planning policies.


Next week’s meeting will not consider this matter, not least because it is too soon. The meeting is convened simply to consider the Trust’s accounts.


I hope this is helpful background and I thank you for your ongoing interest in Barham Park.


Yours sincerely


Kim Wright
Chief Executive
Brent Council

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