Friday, 20 August 2010

Brent Greens on Brent's waste proposals

Brent Green Party has issued this initial response to Brent Council's proposals on waste management:

A genuinely sustainable approach to waste management would be to minimise the amount of waste by reducing packaging, encouraging the re-use of containers and increasing the amount of domestic composting. This could both reduce the number of collections and produce environmental benefits.
We welcome the strengthening of recycling through extending the scheme to flats but are very concerned that waste produced by businesses and commercial properties remains outside the scheme.We are pleased that cardboard is at last to be included in the 'dry' recycling box.
 We are aware that the organic collection will continue to be  weekly but are realistic in assuming that some organic matter will cling to material in recycling bins and that residual collection bins will still contain some organic material.  These will be left outside for a two weeks so it is essential that the council carry out a health and environmental assessment of the consequences of fortnightly collections.

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Anonymous said...

what an active council.........shame they cannot sort out the wembley stadium parking on matchdays as well