Saturday, 28 May 2011

Act now on threat to our NHS

"The NHS will last as long as there are folk left with the faith to fight for it" Nye Bevan
Rather belatedly, Barry Gardiner MP for Brent North has arranged a public meeting on the NHS, to be held at Brent Town Hall on Sunday June 12th. Belatedly because the 'listening exercise' closes in four days time. Opportunities for local people  to take part and make their views known have been few so please get down to the Town Hall in large numbers.

Stuart Jeffrey, Green Party spokesperson on health, wrote in the Guardian:
Turning the wheel slightly and easing off from the accelerator are not signs that Andrew Lansley will steer the NHS away from the cliff edge of privatisation (Report, 23 May). His plan must be stopped before we lose our NHS to market management. Of course, the true driver for this sorry state of affairs is the prime minister, who has overall responsibility for the actions of his cabinet colleagues. If Cameron and Lansley are able to turn the NHS into a full-blown insurance scheme, it will be a car crash.
The website 38 Degrees continues to organise opposition. Here is their latest message:

Andrew Lansley's NHS listening exercise closes in just 4 days. We need to move fast to flood it with objections to his dangerous plans.

Thousands of personal submissions to the listening exercise will make it much harder for Lansley to spin the results. He'll have to publish the figures, whether he likes it or not. They will tell a clear story: the overwhelming response is against these dangerous changes to the NHS.

It's easy and fast to send your message to the listening exercise using the 38 Degrees website. It only takes a couple of minutes. There are suggestions for what issues to raise, and you can see what other 38 Degrees members are already saying.

Get started here:

There are signs our pressure is starting to work. Yesterday, Nick Clegg said he thought Lansley's plans need to be watered down and delayed.  But today's Daily Telegraph reports that Conservative hardliners have started planning their fightback. They are determined to rush Lansley's plan through. We need to keep the pressure growing!

We've already created a huge stir this week with our hard-hitting newspaper adverts. Next week we will submit a copy of our 400,000-strong petition. So now, let's back all of that up with thousands of personal submissions telling the listening exercise we don't want our NHS ruined.

We have got until 5 PM on Tuesday, May 31 to send messages. Send yours now:

Lansley wants to use the listening exercise to claim he's building support for his plans, so he can plough ahead. But by working together we can make that impossible.

The British Medical Association's own submission to the listening exercise says Lansley's plans should be scrapped.  Nurses' groups, health care charities and patient groups all seem to agree. If we all keep working together, we can protect our NHS for future generations.

The listening exercise closes in four days. Please take a couple of minutes to write in now:

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