Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Teather, "Well aware of strength of feeling" on the NHS

As the debate about the future of the NHS ignites following the local elections, local Lib Dem MP and Minister for Children and Families Sarah Teather, has written to a concerned constituent saying she has been contacted by:
"an overwhelming number of constituents on this issue and am well aware of the strength of feeling. I believe our National Health Service is a major part of this country's history and something to be very proud of."
Her comments will be read out along with those of other local MPs at a  'Defend Our Health Service' public meeting on Thursday May 12th, 7.30pm, Willesden Green Library. The meeting will be addressed by GPs, other NHS workers, service users and campaigners.

As I have gone around the borough giving out leaflets for the meeting it has become clear that many residents are very concerned about the impact of the proposed reforms on the quality of provision and its accessibility to all. I hope that having received such a powerful message from her constituents that Sarah Teather will put up a real fight for a health service we can remain proud of.

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