Saturday, 14 May 2011

Teather lobbies Lansley, Cameron and Clegg on NHS Changes

Safe in her hands?
In a letter to constituent Sarah Cox, Sarah Teather MP has recognised the concerns of local residents on the proposed NHS changes:
I have received letters from an overwhelming number of constituents on this issue and I am well aware of the strength of feeling. I believe our National Health Service is a major part of this country's history and something to be proud of.

As I am sure you are aware, the Department of Health are taking the opportunity to pause and review the plans and allow for more consultation with GPs and the public.

I have already written to Andrew Lansley, Secretary of State for Health, outlining the concerns that many of my constituents have raised. I have today written to both David Cameron and Nick Clegg to make them fully aware of the views of the people of Brent on the proposed NHS reforms. I will be sure to write again as soon as I received a response.
Sarah Cox responded by saying, "We don't just want the NHS to be part of our history but part of our present and future too!"


Anonymous said...

This comment by e-mail
Just received your blog on Teather and NHS - it seems to be her policy to write to other ministers passing on views rather than expressing her own view or campaigning.A sort of semi-detached minister - I'm not sure we should be aiding her publicity her in this ?

Your blog is ,however,an invaluable resource for Brent - do keep it up.I don't know how many hits it gets but I know many library campaigners access it now

Martin Francis said...

I take your point but her semi-detached statement gives people the opportunity to give her a further push. By putting it on my blog I hope to get comments (such as yours) to challenge her. It's easy to add a comment.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Teather could not care less about local people's concerns. No doubt she'll be voted out at the next election. However, I'm afraid to say that the Greens are pretty invisible in Brent, however good their intentions. I must add though that this is an excellent website.