Tuesday 3 March 2015

Cllr Butt urged to 'be a real inspiration and turn the tide' following Stonebridge decision

Letter to Councillor Butt posted on Malcom Boyle's Facebook Page and shared on Brent Fightback

Dear Cllr Butt

I am writing to register my dismay at Brent Council's appalling decision to close Stonebridge adventure playground. I don't even need to enunciate the harm you and your fellow councillors have done to the childhood prospects of every child growing up in that area. Play is what builds childhood intelligence in the early years above all else, and it helps build communities. To choose the easy temptation of more money from development over preserving the quality of life of local children demonstrates that Brent Labour Councillors have abandoned both the principles of the Labour Party and the responsibility of local government.

I shall not be voting Labour at the next council election and will be advising all my friends and colleagues to vote Green. I have always traditionally voted Labour and should you and your fellows decide to support the community over this after all I will happily vote for you.

I was also dismayed at the state of the flower garden in Gladstone Park this weekend. It appears to be neglected and growing wild. The next step will be it becoming a venue for those with substance issues and could well even see the linked issue of teenage prostitution. I can only assume a cut has been made to gardening services.

I entreat you to resist these government cuts as Labour Councils nobly did in the 80s. You have an opportunity to be a real inspiration here and turn the tide. Don't waste it.


Malcolm Boyle


Anonymous said...

Kick them where it hurts.

Labour are finished.

Anonymous said...

Let's be realistic here, the fact that Cara Davani is still employed by Brent the Council 'run' by Mohamed Butt should be an indication to residents about Butts' intentions. He couldn't care less. Most of Stonebridge residents are BMEs who historically vote Labour, he's not bothered because these same residents are still going to be voting Labour. Residents need to wake up and realise that they have to the power to kick him out of the Civic Centre. The time to use their votes to speak is now. Butt put his and his merry men's pay up by 25% at a time when the council is pleading poverty. They take the money out of local kids' mouths and put it in their greedy pockets. When are residents going to learn?

Anonymous said...

This Brent Labour closed our libraries - what do you expect?
More SHAME on them!

Anonymous said...

The Council is run by officers (inside knowledge) - developers run rings around officers who want quick gains. In turn some lead members have no political competence or fortitude to be inventive and test the advice they are getting. Why were children left without school places for a long time? Officers keen to please developers and unidimensionally deliver more housing. Martin Francis will know this as a former headteacher. This is what happens when officers' appraisals are driven by targets devoid of a range of policy objectives. The Council has simply NOT campaigned with an alliance of grassroots against Government cuts - other than the tokenistic poster. Watch Ealing; Camden; Lambeth.