Tuesday 3 March 2015

Pain and anger as news of Stonebridge Adventure Playground closure spreads

Audley Harrison and children fight for the playground
Following Brent Council's vote to close Stonebridge Adventure Playgroubnd after nearly 40 years of serving generations of children in one of London's poorest areas comments are pouring into the playground's Facebook page:

One of the most galling aspects of the campaign is the contempt that councillors have shown to campaigners not hesitating to lie when it suits them:


Anonymous said...

sickening. I hope these councillors rot in hell

Anonymous said...

There are so many organisations, dedicated workers and volunteers in Brent doing wonderful service for our community. Unfortunately we have a Council which acts like the maffia. It bullies, lies, and corrupts everything that gets in its way. They make out that they are consulting with residents of the borough but it is never in their mind to take opposing views into consideration. It is time for the decent people of Brent to make a stand and vote out the current administration at the earliest opportunity. In the meantime all affected groups have to work together to cause maximum disruption and opposition to Brent's ill conceived plans. Remember, DON'T VOTE THE RATS BACK INTO POWER.