Monday 16 March 2015

Barry Gardiner MP joins parents and residents in opposing Bryron Court expansion but Cabinet gives approval anyway

The Cabinet this afternoon approved the expansion of Byron Court Primary School to five forms of entry. This would create a school with 1,050 4-11 year olds.

The expansion was overwhelmingly opposed by local residents and many of the school's parents LINK:

Informal consultation:

Formal consultation:

Opposition centred on the inappropriateness of such a large, secondary sized, school for young children; doubts about the demand in the immediate area for school places, and traffic congestion which is already a problem at the school.

Local MP Barry Gardiner MP wrote a letter to Councillor Butt on behalf of his constituents opposing the expansion. Cllr Butt refused residents permission to read out the letter stating that the Cabinet had already read it.

The expansion will now go to the Planning Committee.

The full report that went to Cabinet is HERE


Anonymous said...

Go Team Butt! Another PR triumph! Max Clifford clearly hasn't lost his touch.

Anonymous said...

When there is an election only a couple of months away Barry Gardiner starts up opposing Brent Labour Councils plans.

Where has he been in the past few years ?

Far too late for this Labour MP.

Not getting my vote this time.

Anonymous said...

How dare they provide school places for children!

Anonymous said...

Clearly the response above has no understanding of the issues. There is no question or doubt that school places are needed and that it is a statutory obligation to educate all children. Data informs that the areas of greatest need are not in this vicinity. Children will be travelling from Alperton, Stonebridge, Park Royal. Would you want your child to travel that distance to and from school, either on public transport or stuck in car traffic every day? These children can be as young as 4years old and may have siblings being dragged to school miles from their homes.

Anonymous said...

Are warehouse schools good enough for Cameron's kids? Or yours?
Mike Hine

Anonymous said...

Sorry don't think you have grip on situation.

While yes more school places are needed but not by maxing out primary school size.