Monday, 23 March 2015

Harrow College proudly shows the way on Sustainability

It was great to visit Harrow College again today to run an environmental stall for their Sustainability Week.  I encouraged staff and students to fill in an on-line survey to see the impact of their life to see many earth planets their current life style was based on. Unfortunately some were consuming the resources of 3 planets or more, when of course we only have one. The lowest was 2.1 planets.

The awareness raising week is busier than ever as the college website demonstrates:

Sustainability Week is a chance for you to participate in lots of activities and information stands for all students and staff to learn about ways we can do more to preserve the earth’s resources, from bees to water conservation, cycling to waste management.

Activities will be at both campuses as follows:
Monday 23rd March - Harrow Weald campus
  • Pond and meadow
  • Green Party
  • Recycling, Up-cycling, food sourcing and charity collections
Tuesday 24th March - Harrow Weald campus
  • Cycling events
  • Waste management and recycling
  • Beekeeping
  • Water conservation
  • Resourcefulness/ reducing waste
  • Up-cycling, food sourcing and charity collections
Thursday 26th March - Harrow on the Hill campus
  • Waste management and recycling
  • Green party
  • Water conservation
  • SWISH event (clothes swapping/ recycling)
  • Solar panels
  • Up-cycling, food sourcing and charity collections
Friday 27th March - Harrow on the Hill campus
  • Recycling/ up-cycling
  • Food sourcing
  • Charity collections
  • Resourcefulness/ reducing waste
Pop along to learn more about Sustainability with Harrow College.

I  was interested to see the progress that has been made on their pond and wildlife area on the Harrow Weald campus which is carefully tended by the students.  John proudly told me about the habitats students have created (see below) and the impressive pond life that was seen over the summer, although apparently the frogs still prefer the pond in the greenhouse.

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