Friday, 6 March 2015

Urgent message for parents who applied to Gateway School for September 2015

Brent Council has told me via Twitter that they do not know how many parents have applied for Gateway Free School as the school handled its own admissions. Earlier  this week Gateway announced that they were going to defer opening for a second time as they still have no site.

This will affect up to 120 children presently in Year 6 of primary school.  They advise any parents who did not also apply via the Brent Council procedure to contact them immediately. The second round of offers will be made on March 30th.

The Council told me that there are enough places for all Year 7s in September. I understand that there are likely to be places at Crest Academy, Ark Elvin (formerly Copland) and The controversial Michaela Secondary announced earlier this week that it still had some places.

Contact the Council on the main switchboard at 020 8937 1234 and ask for school admissions.


  1. There's no such thing as a free school. Again.

  2. I assume Gateway is thé other Free School that was schedule to open.

    What à mess. 2 secondary free schools that were scheduled to open cant even open their doors.

    I bet thé self appointed heads of thèse schools are now surplus to requirement. With looming Général élection thése 2 schools will get thé chop

  3. Cameron is to announce a further 153 'free' schools for next 5 years on Monday. Says it helps give parents 'security' (new buzzword for election)!. Thinks it'll be a vote-winner. Seems like he's using the same PR advisor as Butt/Pavey/ Gilbert/Davani (Max Clifford).
    Mike Hine

    1. Wait to after élection and those same schools will be scrapped never to open.

      Just look at Gladstone and Gateway 2 in one Borough never going to open.

      If you did an analysis I bet hundreds more not opening.

      Just an élection pledge so headline figure Looks good Tories are opening schools, but in reality It is more complex actually opening à new school and securing appropriate sites for those new schools.