Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Further anti-academisation strike at St Andrews and St Francis Primary tomorrow

Teachers at St Andrews and St Francis School C of E Primary in Belton Road, Willesden, in Brent will be taking strike action on Wednesday, 18th March.
Lesley Gouldbourne, Brent NUT secretary, who represents the majority of the teaching staff at the school, said,
“Staff at the school deeply regret that it has come to this. Strike action is a last resort, but the school is not a failing school. This government is increasingly forcing schools to become academies, whether the parents like it or not. What happened to parental choice? Despite our and parents objections no proper information was given to parents and no secret ballot allowed despite our offering to cover the cost. Parents and teachers have had enough of education by dictatorship.”
Hank Roberts, ATL Secretary, who also represents staff at the school said,
“Academisation is part of this Government’s plan to privatise state education just the same as it plans to privatise the NHS. The so-called consultation was a farce. Only reasons why the school should become an academy were sent to parents with no information allowed to be sent to them with arguments against becoming an academy. This despite the chair of the IEB John Galligan saying, “Everyone should hear both sides”. John Major, the previous Conservative Prime Minister, insisted on ballots for schools regarding the change of status. Why haven’t they done this under David Cameron? Because they know the vast majority of parents, when they are given the facts, are against. Parents and staff are standing firm to defend their children’s education.”
The parents have organised a petition and continue to collect signatures against the academy proposal.
The school has also been notified of a further two days of strike action next week in a campaign of escalating strike action.

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