Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Brent Members' Bulletin 'not a forum for ongoing political debate' despite Butt's message on Employment Tribunal

Cllr John Warren (Conservative, Brondesbury Park)  has taken up Muhammed Butt’s defence LINK  of decisions regarding the Employment Tribunal where the London Borough of Brent was found to have racially discriminated against a member of its staff, victimised her and constructively dismissed her.

Warren told me:
Following on from Cllr. Butt's extraordinary piece on Rosemarie Clarke in last week's Members' Information Bulletin I asked Brent Council to include a mild reply from me in this week' s bulletin.  The Council stated that Cllr. Butt was writing as Lead Member for Legal Services  and that the weekly bulletin was not to be used to continue an " ongoing debate." They refused to print my piece.  The Members' Handbook states on Page 19 that the Information Bulletin is not to be used for party- political purposes. So what was Cllr. Butt' s contribution supposed to be on such a highly politicised issue?!!  This is what I wanted to write.....hardly particularly controversial..........
Statement regarding employment tribunal of Rosemarie Clarke
(Councillor John Warren, leader of Brent Conservative Group)

Much has been written and said about the the Employment Tribunal of Rosemarie Clarke and Brent Council; a good deal of it has been fair and accurate.........

1. The case 3302741/2013 is listed as   Ms R.Clarke v. 1. L.B.Brent v.2. Ms Cara Davani
2.Para. 302 of the judgement states " The tribunal is satisfied that the action of Ms  Davani in seeking the claimant's suspension when she did ,was a direct consequence of the claimant having raised a grievance against her. The tribunal finds that the claimant was thereby victimised."

3.Brent Council appealed the original decision of the tribunal despite the judge stating that " there was no reasonable prospect of success."

4.According to the Council press release Ms Davani left Brent at end of June 2015 to take a " career break."

5. The Council has not accepted F.O.I requests or enquiries from residents to reveal details of the " pay- off " to Ms Davani.

6. The 2015/2016 Accounts will eventually show any " compensation " payments that may or not have been made to Ms Davani.

Cllr John Warren


Anonymous said...

I think that Cllr. Butt's "dodgy dossier" statement in the Members' Misinformation Bulletin has earned him a new title:

Cllr. Muhammed Butt, MisLeader of Brent Council.

Philip Grant

Anonymous said...

Cllr Warren, have become a fan of yours - you have won my vote for best Councillor of the year!

Trevor said...

I have realized that Humans don't make good bed fellows.
I noticed that early in life,
and I am evermore convinced that it is true.
in fact I reckon that a person that walks the road of life and somehow manages to avoid conflict
with a fellow path treader,
is a rarity.
In Fact I don't believe such persons exist.
I witnessed daily conflict between my parents as I was growing up.
there was also conflict between our next door neighbors.
and as I continued walking through my life,
I witnessed even more conflict,
and it continues right down to this very day
as I lick the wounds inflicted by my neighbors and strangely enough Brent Council.
I therefore say that if my parents didn't get on with each other
and conflict existed between my siblings and our neighbors,
then it is highly unlikely that Brent council would be free from conflict.
if it wasn't Clarke vs Butt,
it would be someone else.
simply cause Humans seem to be incapable of existing alongside one another without reaching for each others throats etc.
it really really really saddens me
to the point of tears and disillusionment.

Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group said...

Good to see a Tory councillor using facts and Freedom of Information.

I thought Tories want to get rid of FoI.

Anonymous said...

Brent's elected councillors will now see, if they didn't know already, that "Wembley Matters" is the REAL "Members' Information Bulletin".

Philip Grant.

Anonymous said...

I like - I like!

Anonymous said...

Don't be disillusioned or sad - just think of all the worldwide progress that has been made by ordinary members of the community, including WM readers and contributors, challenging matters of concern.

Anonymous said...

He hee hee - Butt...!

Jaine Lunn said...

So True, well said, congratulations to Philip and Martin for keeping us informed. What would we do without you.