Friday, 14 August 2015

Come down to Birchen Grove Allotments tomorrow - discover more than just the longest runner bean!

We were crossing our fingers down at Birchen Grove Allotment near the Welsh Harp this afternoon - not over the weather for tomorrow's Allotment Fair (Noon to 3pm) but because we recognised that the warm,  damp weather is ideal for late blight which affects potatoes and tomatoes.

In previous years we have left our healthy looking spuds and tomatoes late afternoon and found the lot brown and withered the next day on our return. The blight goes through the allotment like a tsunami with only the greenhouse tomatoes surviving. Even then they often eventually succumb.

On a positive note the rain has brought the runner beans on beautifully and courgettes should do well.

So fingers crossed that all will be well tomorrow and we can celebrate National Allotments Week in optimistic mood and maybe persuade some people to start growing their own.

Please do come along. There will be music, vegetable class displays, light refreshments, tea cakes and biscuits for sale, insect and bird homes for sale and to make and a chance to have a look around this pretty and busy allotment site.

Bring a container if you fancy doing some blackberrying between the allotment and the Greenhouse Garden Centre or over on the Welsh Harp.  I sampled some this afternoon and they are beautifully juicy after the rain.

PS I wonder how Jeremy Corbyn's allotment is doing while he is otherwise engaged?

The Birchen Grove Allotment has a fascinating history. The land was set aside for a Lawn Cemetery and a Shelter and Chapel built but was never used.  The land is still consecrated:


Nan. said...

At least if the spuds are blighted they will have a decent burial in consecrated ground!

Anonymous said...

Please acknowledge the great work of Vanessa Hampton the allotment Officer at Brent Council

Martin Francis said...

Happy to do so. Her energy and commitment are making a real difference.

pipneed said...

Have just been offered a plot at Birchen Grove but have heard there have been lots of problems with vandalism and crop thefts, which is a bit daunting. But get the impression things might have improved with Vanessa's arrival? What are your thoughts. I have a lot of couch grass to get rid of on my plot and don't want all that digging to be in vain!