Sunday, 9 August 2015

Tory propaganda: celebrating free school's 'achievements' before it opens...

Anyone who doubted that free schools are a Conservative political project should be convinced by the public relations offensive launched by prominent Conservative politicians.

The latest was a reception in the House of Lords hosted by Schools minister Lord Nash for free schools due to open in September. The Kilburn Times LINK reported:

It is yet to open but the achievements of a new free school in Kilburn has been celebrated in the House of Lords.
What a fantastic new concept - celebrating achievements before they happen! Parents of as yet unborn children can throw parties to celebrate their child's first steps and football clubs can tour their cities on open top buses to celebrate their league achievements before the season opens.

Of course we have been here before with the Michaela Academy free school declaring itself  'Exceptional' on a massive, illegal billboard outside its Wembley Park building before most staff had been appointed, children recruited or any lesson had taken place.

This was followed up by Boris Johnson, a few months after the school had opened, declaring on a visit in his usual understated way that 'this is one of the most extraordinary schools I've seen' comparing it to Eton and hailing Michael Gove's darling Katharine Birbalsingh as a “powerful and visionary head teacher”.

On Twitter @Mapesbury commented:
Surely that Gladstone free school deserves a celebration more for having 120 pupils but no school! That's a mean feat.
By the way, Gladstone is also 'Exceptional' before it opens or teaches anyone and Kilburn Grange Free School still has vacant places for its reception class in September.

Now I'm off to organise a celebration of the Green Party's 2020 General Election victory hosted by Baroness Jones in the House of Lords to take place in September.


Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group said...

"Celebrating achievements before they happen." Is not that the basis of right wing 'welfare reforms' — including those put forward by Tony Blair's 'welfare reform' guru, David Freud? Telegraph interview, February 2008: Welfare is a mess, says adviser David Freud

And David Freud is now Lord Freud, the Tory Welfare Reform Minister over how many dead bodies?

Anonymous said...

This can work both ways.
Last night I raised a glass to the Michaela 6th form which achieved 100% Oxbridge entry in the year 2021. Unfortunately celebrations were marred by the fact that these university places could not now be taken up as the Red Guards of Corbyn had razed to the ground all elitist educational institutions following Chairman Jez’s victory in the 2020 election. However, spirits were raised again when Comrade Huw Edwards announced on the 10 o’clock news that the bodies of David Cameron, Gideon ‘George’ Osborne, Michael Gove and Jeremy ‘Rhyming Slang’ Hunt had been recovered from a cyanide-scented bunker in Chipping Norton. Condolences from King Charles were smuggled out of his cell in the Tower and circulated on social media to universal hilarity. Continuing anti-TTIP riots have forced President Trump to cancel his planned visit.
Meanwhile in Brent news, Comrade Philip Grant continued his 5 year vigil outside the Bishops Avenue residence of Christine Gilbert under his signature banner: ‘Simple question, Lady Gilbert: Yes or No?’.
Police continue to seek Mo 'The Cllr' Butt but have warned the public not to approach him as he has not been photographed since the election and will probably stop at nothing for a selfie. Home Secretary Martin Francis last week assured Butt that if he gives himself up he will receive a fair trial. At Watford.

Mike Hine

Anne C said...

Thank you, Mike and Martin, for bringing humour to this otherwise tragic chapter in education.

Anonymous said...

Your very funny blog has made my day, I sadly will not be able to keep up with developments as I plan to stowaway in a Lorry leaving the UK with my EHIC card so I can get treatment in Europe as I have just been informed I cannot see my doctor of 30 years for an appointment for 3 weeks, and a further 4 months wait for a hospital appointment.

Nan. said...

Nearly split my sides laughing - hope I won't need to join Anon 10.15...........