Saturday, 15 August 2015

Public enjoy Birchen Grove Allotment Fair

Briefing the judges

Prize sweet peas

Best dressed vegetables

Some on the competition entries
The first Allotment Fair at Birchen Grove Allotments, Kingsbury went off well today with many members of the public touring the site and chatting to the gardeners about their produce. Many enjoyed sampling my mulberries.

There were not that many entries for the competition and it wasn't taken as seriously as on some allotments where there is intense rivalry and accusations of skulduggery. This was a relaxed affair with tongues firmly in cheeks for most of the time and plenty of humour.

The only controversey reported by Cllr Roxanne Mashari, one of the judges, was whether you could measure around the bend of a runner bean to establish its length or just measure a straight line from top to tail. I can't remember what the ruling was but modesty prevents me from telling you the winner!


Nan. said...

A blog, school governor, FOIs, saving the planet and now and runner there no end to Martin's talents!!!!!!!!!!???????????

Anonymous said...

Hi Martin, do you think you can repeat your runner bean success in an election?

Martin Francis said...

Ha ha. I was going to say something self-deprecating along those lines: 'Hurray, at last I've won something!' etc but then I thought. 'Nah, give Sam a little bit of pleasure - let him do the deprecating'. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Only explanation is that Martin has 4 things in common (apart from his initials) with his hero Margaret Fatcher. What are they? Hours of sleep a night.
Mike Hine

Alison Hopkins said...

Lovely! Martin,do you remember when Braintcroft used to host a proper flower and produce show? It was back when the Brook Road and Nutfield Road Allotments had a proper society, too. I'd buy all sorts of gardening bits from them, and the Old Boys were wonderful fonts of wisdom.