Thursday, 20 August 2015

Kilburn Park Post Office to go as South Kilburn Redevelopment moves forward

Existing site
Brent Council has announced tht it has appointed PRP Architects Ltd to lead the design team to take a major redevelopment forward to the planning stage.

The scheme covers 5-9 Chippenham Gardens and 4-26 Stuart Road (even numbers only) as well as the Kilburn Park Post Office.

Brent Council said that following discussions with the Post Office and the current tenant the Kilburn Park Post office will not re-open.

The proposal
 The Council say that the 'high quality' development of 50 homes will include some that are 'affordable' but does not state how many.

There will be further consultation events on the plans in November 2015 and January 2016.  Exhibition boards describing the plans with many more images can be found here: LINK


Pete Firmin said...

Does the Council even attempt to define "affordable" housing? This term has become totally meaningless. So, close a Post Office, build homes for the well off, an undefined (probably small) number of homes at undefined rents. And they deny social cleansing. Well done Brent!

Anonymous said...

Sell off the post office to foreign investors, sell off housing to foreign investors, allow Israeli companies to bulldoze pubs - what next? Enough is enough it's time that we take back what is ours from the international financiers who are bankrupting us through debt slavery.

Trevor said...

My Definition of so called "affordable housing" is a "haven of Torment"
whenever a so called development team mixes poorly designed, inadequately sound proofed housing with people,
the result will always being a haven of torment.
again and again we hear tired meaningless words such as "we are listening" or "we value your thoughts" or help us plan a new Brent...the outcome will always be a haven of torment Pete.
no matter how hard they try.
they'll never get it right.
not simply cause they are's because this is the lot of the working class.
we are treated according to the amount of money in our bank accounts.
the less we have
the poorer quality we receive.