Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Victory for Look Ahead support workers

News from Brent Fightback. Similar proposals have been made for the care workers at Tudor Gardens LINK
The support workers who were transferred from Riverside to Look Ahead Care and Support as a result of Brent Council's tendering process for adult social care, have won their dispute with their new employers. Look Ahead originally threatened to cut support workers' pay by £5,000 a year for working longer hours and to change their working conditions. 

Through the Unite union, the workers balloted for strike action, with 100% voting YES. Faced with the workers' determination to defend their pay and conditions and to continue to provide a proper service for vulnerable clients, Look Ahead granted almost all their demands. Support workers' current pay and conditions will be defended indefinitely and Look Ahead will recognise Unite. Yesterday, the workers voted to accept the management's offer.

Congratulations - this shows that if you are prepared to fight, you can win.


Anonymous said...

Well done Unite - - this is what happens when you have a trade union that supports its workers!

Anonymous said...

Well done Unite! This is what happens when there is solidarity amongst workers who are members of a proper trade union.