Friday, 4 September 2015

Brent Council to debate call for Independent Inquiry into Rosemarie Clarke case on Monday

The Brent Conservative Group motion on the Rosemarie Clarke case has been redrafted LINK and accepted by Fiona Alderman Brent's Chief Legal officer. It will now be circulated for debate at Monday's Full Council Meeting (7pm Brent Civic Centre).

The motion now reads:

This Council agrees to an independent inquiry into all aspects of the Rosemarie Clarke Employment Tribunal case.

This Council agrees that the inquiry shall commence at the conclusion of the Tribunal remedy hearing.We further agree that the inquiry costs shall be funded from reserves and that the new Chief Executive shall be charged with setting up the inquiry panel.

The new Chief Executive will have overall responsibility for setting the terms of reference,but this Council agrees that the following questions will be included in the terms of reference.........

1.What was the rationale behind the Council initially bringing disciplinary action against the claimant and was it fair and reasonable?

2. Why did the Council pursue this matter so vigorously through the Tribunal......and was it fair and reasonable?

3. What part,if any ,did this case figure in the departure of senior management from Brent?

4. What were the financial arrangements behind the second respondent's departure from Brent,including any indemnity given in respect of Tribunal costs awarded specifically against the second respondent?

5. What role did Cllr. Butt play throughout this case?

6. What were the total costs in this case ......and was it a fair and reasonable way to spend Council taxpayer monies?

7. What reputational damage, if any, has this case done to Brent Council?
This Council believes that this is an important independent inquiry, and that both Brent Council staff and Brent residents would support such an inquiry.


Anonymous said...

Could this be the beginning of Brent Council attempting to implement the seven principles of standards and conduct in public office?

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous at 22:42,

It could be, if Brent's Full Council were to pass this motion on Monday evening. Unfortunately, I think it is unlikely that they will do so.

I had hoped that I could also help to return Brent Council to the right road, after several years where these standards have been allowed to slip, with a Deputation to the Full Council meeting entitled:
"The importance of high standards of conduct in carrying out the functions of Brent Council."

There is still an outside chance that I will be allowed to present my Deputation, which would include a reminder to Council Officers and councillors of those seven principles - integrity, selflessness, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership - and encourage them to support the new Chief Executive, Carolyn Downs, in putting those at the heart of the way that they run the borough on our behalf.

If readers support these aims, they can still email their local Ward councillors, with copies to: and , to say so. Thank you.

Philip Grant.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Phillip. We can only hope that the councillors will redeem themselves in respect to their positions in public life and the 7 principles!