Sunday, 6 September 2015

Brent Council has destroyed Stonebridge Adventure Playground but not the spirit that made it unique

The remains last night
This morning
Stonebridge Adventure Playground is no more.

A place and staff that made all the difference to so many young people in Stonebridge and Harlesden has now been demolished by Brent Council in an action which is so short-sighted as to defy logic and certainly against the professed values of the Labour Party.

The destruction included the demolition of £700,000 play equiment funded by the National Lottery.

The playground Facebook site is beginning to get reactions to the demolition. Glynis Lee wrote:
STONEBRIDGE ADVENTURE the bulldozers roll in to raise it to the ground...after many years of love, play, freedom, friendship, kindness, creativity, and above all FAMILY...because everyone who came through those gates became a part of the Adventure Playground family.....even those ********* who are now demolishing it .....Time alone will tell.....
And others followed
  • Glynis Lee We are sad, but Stonebridge lives on in the lives of everyone who has used this beautiful place...the people destroying it should feel shame, but probably don't...

  • Joseph Daniel How they sleep at night springs to mind but at least Team Stonebridge Adventure Playground created a Legacy and put our youths on the right path. Manners Discipline Peace and Love.
  • Glynis Lee Spot on Mr Daniel....Stonebridge has spread all over the world now....thats a great much positivity to come from such a small place...'cos you guys came through tougher times, learned all those important things... Manners Discipline Peace an...See More

  • Karin Giles You done a great job xx

  • Ro Rosenkranz It should be the topic of a bbc documentary

  • DjTterry Bee Where is the public rage that took place for the Carlton Tavern pub in Kilburn when the developers demolished it? Where is the outcry, the multiple news bulletins on London tonight? Features in the evening standard? Why are children from urban sink estates not regarded as much to warrant a dedicated free space with decent adult supervision to be nurtured into adulthood? Why does everything have to be about commerce? Brent council, WILL eventually see the fallout from their corporate greed, you all know what they say about idle hands!

  • Dorota Staniak They even continue the job Sunday morning!!! Its looks like they want to hide what they doing
This is what Brent Council has destroyed:


Anonymous said...

Every Child Matters is a joke in Brent! Children are bullied and hurt and they choose to ignore the warning signs. The clique are only interested in each other even though there is an unprofessional conflict of interest. They clearly want to bury their heads in the sand when it comes to important matters but they dig deep into the purse of the council tax payer to line their own pockets. Shame on the lot of them!

Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group said...

Perhaps vandalism is not worthy of an ASBO when the perpetrators are Mo Butt & Co?

Dude Swheatie of Kwug

Steve Hoyland said...

Why was Stonebridge only for minority kiddies?