Thursday, 3 September 2015

Cricklewood Green Space pulled from Monday's Barnet Committee Agenda

Following a request from Cllrs Shimon Ryde and Peter Zinkin (Conservatives, Childs Hill) Deputy Barnet Council Leader Daniel Thomas has announced that the item will no longer be discussed at Monday's Assets, Regeneration and Growth Committee.

This is likely to be a delay, rather than abandonment of the scheme.

One resident commented that this gave councillors more time to 'pretend to care', but protesters are likely to make the most of the delay to step up their campaign.

Meanwhile the proposal to build on the green space outside B&Q received front page treatment  today in the Brent and Kilburn Times.

See full story on Kilburn Times website LINK


Anonymous said...

So hard to know what's happening. Are Barnet simply stunned by the public outcry and worried about losing their 2 Conservative councillors who narrowly won in Childs Hill in a near 3-way tie?

Has Barnet been untruthful with The Crown Estate about the condition of the green space and that's now been called out?

Has Pocket Living got wind of strength of opposition and walked away?

Somehow the story of 2 Counservative councillors defending Cricklewood's green space doesn't wash.

Anonymous said...

And how did Pocket Living get monopoly access rights to the site?

The rest of the Brent Cross planning applications will be rushed through Barnet's planning committee on Thursday 10 Sept., by the way.

Anonymous said...

I have lived in Cricklewood for over 20 years and although this land was earmarked as public space for the use of the community and we have argued its importance to us as community public space through all this time, Barnet Conservative Council could not care less. I can not understand why The Crown Estate would agree to lift the covenant stopping building on this land given its importance to us as public realm and our 'village green'.