Thursday, 24 September 2015

Time to ask if Butt is fit to hold office?

The Kilburn Times has published an article LINK on the out of court settlement by Brent Council in the Rosemarie Clarke racial discrimination casewhcih was reported on Wembley Matters last Friday. LINK

Deciding to challenge an employer on such issues is always stressful but Brent Council's stance on the matter has added to the stress as Nan Tewari pointed out in her statement to the Kilburn Times:

Rosemarie is relieved that the original employment tribunal case is over. Her priority now is to try to recover her health, which has hit rock bottom as a result of Brent’s ill-treatment of her throughout the period from her submitted resignation in 2013 right up until the 11th hour of the case being settled out of court. 

The tribunal went through everything in great detail. It went through all so-called disciplinary charges and it was very clear they were made up and supported by documents that weren’t accurate.”

Unfortunately this is not the end and Rosemarie’s recovery will inevitably be hampered by the council leader having effectively caused damage to her reputation by the imputation in a public statement, of a justified finding of gross misconduct against her by the council. She is worried about what the future holds for her and this will inevitably impact on her recovery.
The role of Muhammed Butt, the Brent Council leader in the case is deeply disturbing. He sought to undermine Philip Grant when he tried to raise this matter at Scrutiny LINK , heckled him at an earlier Council meeting and after the last Council meeting interupted me when I was speaking to Helen Carr about her disgraceful attack on Philip. Despite other Labour councillors being aghast at Carr's conduct, Butt gleefully congratulated her on her attack and asked for a copy of the statement she had read out. 

Helen Carr has been made to apologise to Philip Grant and other councillors.

Muhammed Butt has not.

It is surely time for Labour Party Region, the Labour Group and Labour Party members to ask if Muhammed Butt is fit to hold his current office.


Anonymous said...

Mo Butt is the least impressive leader of any council in London. I say that as someone who moved to Barnet because I was completely sick of how Brent was being dragged down by Butt's leadership.

He is a terrible public speaker, a useless debater and a man completely without vision.

But more than that, his leadership absolutely reeks of corruption and dodgy deals. His survival seems to depend on a series of alliances with equally nefarious senior officers and backbench councillors who depend on his patronage.

It's clearly time for Brent Labour councillors to ask themselves very seriously - "Is this really the best we can do? Is there nobody who can represent us better? Are we actually going to make Brent a better place to live in by 2018?"

Sadly, as a former Labour voter, I don't get the impression that any of the Brent Labour councillors care enough to do the decent thing and get rid. Wembley Matters seems like the sole voice of integrity and reason in the whole Borough.

But I'm willing to be proved wrong.

Nan. said...

I once shared with Cllr Butt a piece of wisdom passed on to me by a former Labour councillor who said - it is never councillors officers who carry the can; electors always blame "that lot in power".

Anonymous said...

The man is a disgrace. Brent has now become a laughing stock

Anonymous said...

I think you are right and it's now time for Carolyn Downs to examine what has happened and how closed decisions have been made by a few Cronies which has badly damaged Brent's reputation in upholding the 7 Principles of Public Office.

Anonymous said...

Butt's a disgrace and should go asap.

Anonymous said...

I hope Carolyn Downs reviews the way Council decisions are made to ensure each and every Councillor and resident is allowed to contribute to important discussions in an open and transparent way - getting rid of the heavy-line whips within the parties - and puts back a healthy active heart in Brent that puts the community first.

Alison Hopkins said...

There's a bunch of other stuff that Downs needs to look at. For example, why do so many councillors have minimal contact details on Brent's website? Several only have an email address, most use the civic centre address.

And, why is the register of members interests so incomplete and downright wrong? Property interests aren't shown, nor are employment details. I know for a fact that a fair few who are shown as having no employment or no business most certainly do.

I'd love to see her start with a truly forensic examination of who does what, influences, involvements with supposed community groups and more. I doubt she will though.

As to decision making that needs reversion to a non cabinet model with proper voting rights. I doubt Butt will ever go for that.

Anonymous said...

AH - well said! Hope more FOI requests are made.

Anonymous said...

Well said, lest us forget dodgy business connections *cough tower hamlets* *bloomsbury*