Monday 21 September 2015

Forty Lane/Asda traffic contraventions and dangers

Local residents have writtent to Brent Council expressing concern about the dangers of the Asda/Forty Lane junction and the nearby Bridge Road/Forty Avenue/Barnhill junction. Pedestrian traffic has increased at both due to new schools and the expansion of existing ones. Vehicle traffic has also increased.

I made the vide above this morning to illustrate the dangers at the Asda junction.

Residents argue that dealing with this issue should be given priority,

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LondonMzFitz said...

As a lifelong Brent resident (I lived for 8 years in Kings Drive) I urge Brent Council to act on the traffic problem as a matter of urgency. There are 2 schools opened up in the last 2-3 years right on top of this junction. So dangerous and cars ignore all signs and traffic signals.