Thursday 31 August 2017

Brent Council approve £26m contracts for primary school expansions

Amar Dave, Strategic Director Regeneration and Environment, will use his delegated authority to approve  Stage 2 Design and Build contracts for Phase 3 of Brent's Primary School Expansion with the next few days.

The plans have been controversial for varying reasons, not least because doubts have been raised about whether the extra places are needed in the light of of unfilled places in some of our local schools and the potential impact of Brexit on the number of EU families in Brent.  Aditionally there are issues around 'mega primaries' being inappropriate for young children and the impact of expanded schools on suburban locations. In the case of Stonebridge Primary the expansion proposals (and associated house building) led to the demolition of the much valued Stonebridge Adventure Playground.

The cost of the expansion and whether contractors could deliver the Council's specifications at the stated costs became an issue but the public were unable to access information on this as the details were deemed commercially sensitive.

The figures have now been revealed:

Byron Court Primary School £11,872,271. (Graham Construction)
Stonebridge Primary School £7,222,848. (Mid Contracting and Consulting Limited)
Uxendon Manor Primary School £6,784,437 (Lakehouse Contracts Limited)

Total:  £25,879,556.

The Council will be required to use £1.7m of its programme contingency.

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