Saturday 5 August 2017

UPDATE Gladstone Park trees: Brent claims only the dead, dying, diseased or dangerous are felled

Brent Council has responded to Green Party candidate Shaka Lish's concerns LINK about the large number of trees recently felled in Gladstone Park with this statement:
We do not remove trees that are healthy and do not threaten to undermine property or threaten personal safety, staff and visitors. The trees that have been removed were dead, dying, diseased or considered to be dangerous and threatening to cause harm to persons or property. The most recent tree to be felled was near the railway line, it had failed at its base and would have fallen across the railway line if left. The trees are inspected by Arborists prior to being felled, unless it is an emergency then Health & Safety comes first.
The Council did not say if the trees are to be replaced.

This is Shaka's response:
Who are the Aborists making these decisions? Is this a new company that Brent is using? It is apparent to many users of the park that in recent times there is a lot of felling taking place, more than has happened in the past. Has your health and safety policy been updated? Changed? The two trees that have recently been cut down were perfectly healthy, there was nothing wrong with them at all. So can you specifically explain to me why they were felled? Here's an inserted picture of one of the trees in the height of Autumn, looking perfectly healthy.

Also, more importantly, I would like to know, as a Brent Green party candidate, campaigner and member, are you keeping a record of the number of trees that are being cut down and do you plan to replace them?

These trees are our heritage and our history. Some are hundreds of years old. They are our natural allies in our fight against pollution and they contribute to our health and wellbeing. They are beautiful and majestic to look at and be around. Brent seems to be cutting down these trees with no thought to these important benefits. Do you have any idea how heartbreaking it is to see these grand trees cut down in this way? I am not alone in feeling this way and I will make sure that it is publicly and widely known the actions that Brent is taking and win support to make sure this violence against our trees is properly accountable and justified.


Anonymous said...

Liars, Liars, pant's on fire

Anonymous said...

These must be the same type of trees that have been been removed from along vast lengths of our rail lines, not only in this area but also alongside the Metropolitan line for instance. They were of course all diseased, dangerous and drop those leaves which cause so many problems. We hear in the next breath that removed trees are being replaced; with saplings which get vandalised and have minimal leaves. Is it any wonder we are losing so much of our wildlife. Oh, they cause problems too, the disgusting creatures.