Thursday 24 August 2017

Quintain is creating a speculative mess in Wembley Park - the evidence

New billboard images of Quintain's development at Wembley Park reveal the haphazard result of its speculative development rather than the promised boulevards and green spaces initially promised.

The image, looking towards Wembley Stadium station and the high road,  shows what it will look like when present work in progress is completed.  Brent Civic Centre will be hemmed in by new tower blocks next door and on the former Power League site (goodbye to those views of the Stadium councillors currently enjoy from the Civic Centre), the proposed (but not needed LINK) new Ark primary school is wedged between York House and the main road. In the distance are the tower blocks being built along the Chiltern railway line.

Meanwhile Brent Council is asking residents to contribute to 'shaping' the borough.  Too late...

The image below shows a closer view of the proposed primary school in the car park of York House with the London Designer Outlet.


Philip Grant said...

Thank you for sharing these images, Martin.

Quite apart from the proposed Ark primary school, crammed onto the totally unsuitable York House car park site, it looks as if Quintain are planning to put another tower block on the east side of the Civic Centre, where there is currently an open "market square" with trees. Surely Brent's planners have not agreed to this? Or perhaps they have!


Anonymous said...

Oh well at this rate there will be nowhere that can be used for an assembly site should there be a fire or other major emergency at the Civic Centre. Derrr.

Anonymous said...

Very little proper space for firefighting and rescue vehicles almost anywhere in this picture! Shouldn't that be concerning someone at Brent Council (think Grenfell / Kensington and Chelsea).

Anonymous said...

This is exactly what some of us have been trying to tell Brent Council and Quintain for the last 2 or more years as each further plan has come out. We've just been brushed aside each time.

Philip Grant said...

Dear Anonymous (27 August at 09:50) and all WM readers,

Doesn't that remind you of the situation the Grenfell Tower residents faced when they tried to raise their concerns about the safety of their block?

It seems that even the simplest lessons from that awful event have not been learned, just over the borough border in Brent (as Anonymous, 26 August at 17:27 also suggests).

I will send a link to this blog and comments to Carolyn Downs, Brent's Chief Executive, so that the Council can't claim (if, heaven forbid, there is a Wembley Park disaster) that nobody told them.


Philip Grant said...

Further to my "reply" comment (27 August at 17:17 above), this is the text of an email which I have just sent to Brent Council's Chief Executive:-

Dear Ms Downs,

Although this is not an issue that I wish to get closely involved with (as you are aware, I have other outstanding matters to finalise), I felt that I must bring to your attention, and that of Brent Council, this recent "blog" item on the "Wembley Matters" website, and the comments on it:

I have recently submitted this comment myself:

[Copy of my 27 August comment]

I hope that you will ensure that the relevant Council Officers, and councillors, are made aware of this issue, and take some action to deal with it. Thank you. Best wishes,

Philip Grant.

Sandro said...

Well done looking forward to a reply from Ms Downs on this matter!

Philip Grant said...

Dear Sandro,

If I get a reply, I will certainly share it with WM readers in this comments column. At the moment, I haven't even received an acknowledgement.