Friday, 18 August 2017

Garden trip to Willesden Green station with cake and silly socks

From Willesden Green Town Team

Never mind the failure of the Garden Bridge, we have a Garden Platform you can walk on - 2 even...

On Sunday 20th August, 4-5.30pm:
  • spend your old pound coins and look in close up at the plants on the platforms;
  • buy a slice of cake;
  • or some silly socks (think early Xmas stockings) ;
  • or a 'Keep Willesden Green Clean' bag.

Make your Wish at the Wishbone. 

All proceeds towards Willesden Greening.

Small groups will be personally escorted onto the Garden Platforms by a volunteer gardener

1 comment:

Encouraged at last said...

Great idea and the way we should all be pushing.