Sunday 15 September 2019

Strathcona closure decision called in for further scrutiny

The faces of parents, staff and pupils in my photograph above says it all about how they feel about the proposed closure of their much-loved school.

Now there is a little chink of light as a group of Labour councillors have called in the Cabinet's closure decision for further scrutiny.

Cllr Butt addressing a teacher and parent lob by in June
I attended the Cabinet meeting and it was clear that concerns about flaws in the officer's report were not addressed and the Lead Member in responding did no more than read out passages from the report. Cllr Butt's justification of the closure was rambling, incoherent and often irrelevant. LINK

This is an opportunity to move away from mere rubber-stamping and explore the issues involved in depth.

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Anonymous said...

Lets hope the Scrutiny Committee have the guts to tell Mo and his Cabinet that they got this one wrong.