Thursday 11 August 2022

Brent and Camden councils collaborate on Kilburn High Road Brondesbury bridge mural project. Any suggestions for other High Road matters they could work on together?


The bridge on the Kilburn High Road

Extract from a press release issued by Brent Council

A major new art installation will be introduced on the Brondesbury railway bridge bringing a splash of colour to the heart of Kilburn High Road.


Brent Council and Camden Council have joined together to commission the new artwork that will span almost 21 metres on both sides of the bridge serving Brondesbury Station.


The world renowned Wood Street Walls and local Kilburn artist, Linett Kamala from Lin Kam Art will be delivering the exciting project.


The mural will be a celebration of Kilburn’s rich cultural heritage and local residents are invited to share their ideas and help shape the artwork through a series of summer workshops. There will then be a public vote to select the final design in December 2022 and it will be painted in Spring 2023.


As part of this project, there is also a range of opportunities available for local creatives including:

A free art mentorship programme with Lin Kam Art.


A free training programme with Wood Street Walls teaching creatives how to deliver public art projects with a globally recognised certificate on completion of the course.


To get involved and help shape the artwork or to register your interest in the courses, please email:


As I post this I can hear Kilburn residents saying, ‘If the Councils can cooperate on this, why can’t they cooperate on all the urgent issues that face Kilburn High Road?’


Perhaps it’s a start…

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Anonymous said...

Such community activity is welcome after Covid