Saturday 20 August 2022

Swan rescued in Welsh Harp but two found dead. Cause not yet confirmed.



Pictures Lulubells Rescue

A sick swan was rescued yesterday at the Welsh Harp by Lulubells Rescue and taken to a Swan Sanctuary approved specialist vet. The alarm was raised by Welsh Harp volunteers.

A dead swan was discovered on an island nearby and unfortunately  (see below) another was found dead this morning close to Cool Oak Bridge.   This has given rise to speculation that the cause may be botulism caused by algae and other factors but has not been confirmed.  Dead fish have also been found.  See Defra notes on Avian Botulism HERE.

A spokesperson for the Lulubells Team told Wembley Matters:

Our team have attended and managed to catch a swan yesterday  Our team searched the area and noticed several fish and small birds deceased 

On inspecting this swan our belief is it is botulism.

This swan is doing much better but it was touch and go as our team raced across London to get the treatment it needed urgently on route he had several mini fits due to dehydration and starvation. 

I would like to mention a special 'Thankyou' to Leila who contacted Lulubells rescue. Leila asked us to attend to rescue this swan who was clearly in distress.  Our team who are all volunteers James, Denise, Violet, and Lorraine,  attended and collected the swan 

We will do everything we can to help wildlife at the Welsh Harp and help the local community,

The Canal and River Trust  and Brent Council have been informed and there is a suggestion that the bodies be cremated to stop the spread of any disease.



Anonymous said...

Well done everyone 🦢🦢

Brent Parks Forum said...

Thank you Leila and the Team at Lulubell's it was nearly 3 lost now 1 saved.

|Cause will emerge - we hope with vet's findings....lab results....

Well done everyone. Including the boating Club Phoenix who may offer to send a boat to collect the 1st dead swan for cremation.

Team effort, what a great community.

Anonymous said...

As a London resident, i sometimes, visit the Neasden Recreation Ground. It is sad to hear about the swans. And, in my opinion, a park attendant, should usher these reptiles to a safer location within the lake district, not, near to and on the boundaries of the park area. Installing a camera, and, a limit of persons viewing the swans, is notifiable. Reader