Friday 19 August 2022

The new face of Wembley revealed in the view from Barn Hill


The tower blocks around Wembley Stadium, from Barn Hill

The 'Twin Towers' on former Chesterfield House site (Park Lane/Wembley High Road) and new blocks being squeezed in next to the Chiltern Line, from Barn Hill


There's quite an audience for old sepia photographs of Brent and its various 'villages'. I wonder of these might be looked back on with nostalgia one day with attention drawn to the Metroland houses in the foreground, that have long-since been demolished and replaced by more tower blocks?

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Anonymous said...

Brent Council have no pride in their heritage.

When are they going to provide Social Housing as required by their Policy derived from the Poverty Commission report?

They still lie to us about the cost of Social Housing and London Affordable. Take the two four bedroom properties proposed for Rokesby Place, at current Brent Social Housing rates they would have been £147 a week, instead they will be £50 a week more at London Affordable. Just think, at minimum wage they would have to work at least an extra 10 hours a week to afford the London Affordable Rents.

Why do they keep misinforming us? How will they ever reduce the need for Social Housing when they don't build any? Brent is just becoming another Private Rental Provider, shame on them.