Thursday 15 September 2022

Brent Cabinet members put on the spot by residents' questions. Detailed Q & A's here.

 Asking written questions of Brent Cabinet meetings is a chance for residents to air issues that directly concern them. Next week's Council Meeting has eight written questions and answers. The people who asked the questions have the opportunity to attend in person and ask a supplementary question, following up the answers received. The Cabinet member has two minutes to respond. You may like to suggest supplementary questions (one minute remember!) in the comments.

Next week's question cover:

1. The Council's upkeep of their estates

2. Collection of food waste & parking on North End Road, Wembley.

3. Lack of progress on Low Traffic Neighbourhoods.

4. Problematic Event Day traffic management.

5. Network Homes increasing service charges beyond what had been agreed with the Council.

6. Brent Council's actions on the requurements of the Building Safety Act.

7. Residents' opposition to Newland Court infill proposals.

 8. Brent Council action on Wealdstone Brook sewage & the finding of the polio virus in Brent's waterways.


The questions and answers can be found in the document below. Click bottom right corner for full page view.


Anonymous said...

The response at Q7 from Cllr Knight makes interesting reading as all the things Cllr Knight has claimed happens during the planning process re communication, consultation and engagement with existing residents clearly did not happen at Rokesby Place in any form and despite all the objections highlighting the lack of communication, engagement etc. and loss of extensive green spaces and resulting loss of privacy the planning committee approved the application. It seems Words are cheap! What the Cllr Knight claims happens in reality it doesn’t. We urge the residents of Newlands Court to be aware and alert to this mismanagement of the processes by Brent Councillors and wish you the best of luck as you will need it.

Anonymous said...

As a resident involved and affected by the Rokesby Place decision it's not just the councillors who have disregard for residents but the council officers who are complicit in the mismanagement, misdirection and providing untrue information. We have come to expect this of councillors but surely officers should act in an objective and professional manner. But it appears not. None of them is to be trusted

Anonymous said...

The only Cllr on the Planning Committee who offers any impartiality and asks pertinent questions and votes accordingly is Councillor Michael Maurice, the rest are there to make up the numbers and vote according to what their Beloved Leader instructs them to do.

The Planning Dept do as little as possible, never thoroughly read the documents, favour whatever the developer submits even when they know it conflicts with Council Policies, and still advise to grant permission.

The whole system in Bent is corrupt from bottom to the top.

Martin Francis said...

Keith Anderson comments:

Residents and neighbours of the Kilburn Square estate give a hollow laugh each time a Councillor or Brent officer repeats the mantra of “Proposals that work for everyone” . Despite a superficially impressive list of engagement opportunities, the reality is that Brent has demonstrated very limited support from residents – and has discounted the views of neighbours until the scale and shape of the 139-unit “Infill” scheme about to go to Planning was firmly fixed. It’s a 60% increase in households vs 2019 And as for Cllr Knight’s statement that “ Many new and proposed schemes also seek to benefit the wider community by improving green spaces”… the monolithic merged Block CD is REMOVING precious green space and mature trees enjoyed by the whole community See and for some history

Philip Grant said...

Dear Anonymous (16 September at 11.01),

I'm afraid that your concerns about Council Officers are likely to be confirmed.

I've received a response, from Brent's Chief Executive to my letter of complaint over how the Council's Planning Officers dealt with the Rokesby Place planning application, over affordable housing.

I will ask Martin to publish the letter, and my reply to it, once I have sent that to Carolyn Downs next week.

I believe in openness and transparency.