Thursday 29 September 2022

Regeneration Plans for Masefield House, Wordsworth House, Dickens House, Kilburn Open Space & Carlton Vale Infant School to go to Planning Committee this Autumn


These proposal are due to go to Planning during the Autumn. The Council's website states:

The redevelopment site comprising of Masefield House, Wordsworth House, and Dickens House, as well as Kilburn Open Space and Carlton Vale Infant School forms part of the South Kilburn regeneration programme. 


What will be delivered?


The proposals for this site are being designed by award winning architects Karakusevic Carson Architects and include 5 new mixed-tenure housing blocks, and a new two-form entry primary school. 

Two of the new blocks will front the newly-reinstated Percy Road in line with the Council’s masterplan aspiration. The proposals also include housing blocks along Malvern Road. These have been designed in an urban villa style to complement existing villa blocks in the area, including on Malvern Road. 


The exact tenure split is to be finalised during design development, but current proposals envisage 100 new units. This includes approximately 37 affordable units for existing South Kilburn residents. 


The proposals have been carefully designed throughout to maximise the retention of existing mature trees and to ensure homes are all dual aspect, allowing for natural light and ventilation.


The new school will be a high-quality and sustainable learning environment for pupils aged 3-11. The designs include space for a nursery, specialist teaching areas for music, food/science and art, and additional spaces for children with special educational needs. This includes physical disability, visual impairments, and hearing impairment. The school will also contain spaces that can be securely used by the local community during out of school hours such as a Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA). The Council is working with local Kilburn Park and Carlton Vale Schools to see how the schools can benefit from the new school. Future governance arrangements will be subjected to statutory consultation with the schools and the wider school community.  


Under the same planning application, proposals are being brought forward for the redevelopment of other parts of the South Kilburn area. This includes an expansion and improvement of the Kilburn Open Space. 


As well as this, there will be 52 new mixed-tenure properties (exact numbers to be confirmed through continued design development) on the site currently occupied by Carlton Vale Infant School. This includes a residential block of circa 37 flats facing Kilburn House on Malvern Place. Three shared ownership units will also be in this block.  


To help meet local resident’s needs, these proposals also include 15 four-bedroom affordable terraced homes for existing South Kilburn residents.


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David Walton said...

Kilburn Park Junior School (so 2 schools) and Dickens Austen Public Open Space (so 2 public green spaces) also need to be written into the title of this planning application and be fully and consistently accounted for by Brent and developers.

Kilburn Park Brent; is a less savage 'growth zoned' Brent possible post September 2022 Growth 2 Plan?

The full exhibition boards detail Martin posts here are well worth looking through for all Brent Growth Zoned residents being or to be in fill overdeveloped by UK Growth Zones Business.

A Growth Area (zone) was unilaterally forced on South Kilburn Estate in 2010 by Brent unilaterally abandoning the 2005 neighbourhood-led masterplan, its principles and social themes. With Governments September 2022 Growth 2 Plan, there is clearly much to be concerned about for many more Brent and UK zoned or to be zoned residents………

Factors that secured this particular Brent design on public owned land.

Wembley Matters scrutiny of South Kilburn Growth Area Brent pathfinder, Grenfell fire, 2021 flooding where modern estate flood defences were being systematically development ignored and built on, Covid stay-local lockdowns highlighting the need for a high quality (rather than brownfielded) park in this car-free/ no gardens housing growth zone where 5 times its year 2000 population (of 6000 people) is to be packed-in to a final density unlived as yet in UK urban history. So, a high-risk social experiment zone, while resilience build, anti-growth, conservation, no-to-risk, no-to-experiment Brent investments happen in other zones. A unified anti-colonial Brent is neatly rendered impossible by this harsh zoned divide and rule approach towards taxpayers by Government ongoing.

A potential South Kilburn Royal Park given population is to be pilled-in, no gardens/ car free? This must be a Local Green Space Designation to protect renewed extended Brent Kilburn Park from potential Growth 2 destruction and to finally secure this woodland place for future generations to enjoy.

Leasehold reform part 2 is pledged to be enacted during this current Parliament, that would give flat leaseholders growth zoned (including Brent Council's leases of flats in new blocks) actual ownership powers rather than future feudal uncare, absent offshored escalation of service charges, with energy expensive units and poor build quality zones rendered not as easy to grow anymore. The same applies to growing flood risk; a mega scale 45-hectare new development built on and relying entirely on crumbling overcapacity all times Victorian combined river sewers below ground would simply never happen.

BGB. Bad Growth Brent, are its days numbered?

Please support Brent Kilburn retaining, growing and investing in its one and only remaining park sized Public Park.

David Walton said...

Referring to the 10 project presentation Boards that Martin posts in this article…….

Board 6

Maesfield, Wordsworth and Dickens House a new school for pupils, parents and the wider community.

Great, but don’t build it on Kilburn Park Public open Spaces woodland area. Sites and phasing's are presentation mixed up and confused.

Board 7

Eight storeys at roadside is too tall for Malvern Roads present street frontage. More canyon roads, social housing on lower level with zero sunlight, certainly an extended Kilburn Park Public Open Space is surely required on basic public health grounds.

Board 8

Wrongly titled, as this board zooms in on building on existing Kilburn Park Public Open Spaces woodland area to be by colonial development destroyed?

Board 9

Great, new street houses much more appropriate and some relief from the overdevelopment canyon new vehicle roads which already dominate so much new car-free housing zone South Kilburn.

Board 10

This board should be titled Kilburn Park. The western extension replaces masses of public Open space already destroyed or to be destroyed by colonial free market development in South Kilburn. Brent proposes building housing and a school on the existing parks woodland in this design board and that is not supported.

David Walton said...

Referring to the 10 project presentation Boards that Martin posts in this article…….

Board 1

"In 2021, Brent Council appointed Karakusevic Carson Architects to design new homes and a two-form entry school for a site next to Kilburn Park Open Space in South Kilburn. The three existing residential buildings, Maesfield House, Wordsworth and Dickens House, were part of the South Kilburn Estate completed in the early 1970's. These are to be replaced with new environmentally friendly homes that reflect the needs of today's community and an exemplary new primary school."

These words do not match the images in later boards. Existing Kilburn Park is being built on by both the re-located school(s) and new housing proposed here even though Dickens, Maesfield and Wordsworth have another public owned parkland open space set in between them, which here Brent owner completely ignores. Yet this public open space is also to be destroyed in this development with proposed zero mitigation?

Why are those who live in South Kilburn not engaged and allowed to co-design by Free-Marketopia zone colonisers? It is schools moving sites and Brent Kilburn's only park sized parks strong protection at stake here for local residents.

Board 2

The plan here shows the public open space and playground between Wordsworth, Maesfield, Dickens and Austen Houses. Badly drawn admittedly, but the large public green space between these blocks is visible.

The phasing here says 3B is Maesfield and Wordsworth, Kilburn Park? Phase 5 is the two existing schools moved, Austen and Blake demolished. While Phase 6 is Dickens House demolished.

In this phasing the 2 schools moved to Maesfield and Wordsworth House site (phase3), will then endure the demolition of Austen House 16 storey tower (phase5), and Dickens House 16 storey tower (phase 6) adjacent to them as later development phases?

Board 3

Kilburn Park Infants School becomes land for a new housing site, Kilburn Junior School becomes Kilburn Park extension westward, but what happened to all the public open space between Austen, Dickens, Maesfield and Wordsworth House? And why is a school and housing being built needlessly on current Kilburn Parks veteran trees woodland area?

Board 4

South Kilburn Park Public Open Space is not new; it's been around for 60 years. If the design wants to be a 100 Acre Wood, then why does it seek to build housing and schools on the existing veteran trees woodland in the existing park? An ecological enhancement, how so?

Board 5

I like the woodland school idea, but school build at the side of the veteran tree woodland rather than on top of it destroying it. Keep the existing woodland for everyone to be able to access and enjoy. Car-free, high air pollution, no gardens, 5 times the population density of year 2000 by 2041, double the number of vehicle roads too, is strong protection of Brent Kilburn's only park sized park too big an ask of Brent?