Friday 16 September 2022

Brent Council to spend £22m on refurbishment of Granville New Homes that they purchased for £17.1m


A section of the Granville New Homes development, South Kilburn
Brent Council's November 14th Cabinet will be asked to rubber stamp approval for the expenditure of £22m on the refurbishment of Granville New Homes that were purchased by the Council for £17.1m.

The original remediation costs were put at £18.5m.

The homes were built by Higgins Partnerships but Brent Council has not sought compensation on behalf of council tax payers for the poor quality of the build. Indeed Higgins have been awarded further work by the council:

The Forward Plan Item reads: 

1.    Approve the procurement of a suitably experienced Technical Consultancy that will manage the design, procurement and delivery of the refurbishment works to the properties.

2.     Approve the procurement of a suitably experienced Contractor that will undertake the refurbishment works to the properties.

3.    Approve the allocation of £22M from the existing capital budget to fund the Technical Consultancy services and the Works.


  Granville New Homes Scandal




Anonymous said...

This is outrageous.

Anonymous said...

Brent Council is a corrupt council and it’s dealings with property developers should be thoroughly investigated.

Anonymous said...

So that will cost Brent Council Tennents £22m via the Housing Revenue Account? That's on top of the roof repairs already completed presumably. Well done Brent, why don't we keep employing the same building company that caused this loss? No, you wouldn't do that would you?

Martin Francis said...

Edited comment received. This is all on the doorstep of Brent Cabnet members Butt, McLennan and Tatler who let it happen, with the help of fellow Cabinet Members. No wonder Butt's Brother is now on the Board of I4B and FW. It helps having control of Standards too.

Anonymous said...

This stinks to high heaven

Anonymous said...

Butt’s brother is a director of a corporate entity receiving council funding?! How were these repair contracts awarded - who gets them