Sunday 25 September 2022

Healthwatch Brent: Standing Together Against Cancer with Dame Cally Palmer, National Cancer Director, NHS England. Zoom Tuesday September 27th 6-7pm


Standing together against cancer


Most of us can share a personal story about cancer, whether from our own experience or that of a loved one. 50% of people in the UK will face cancer at some point in their life – and the vast majority will see it impact a family member or friend.


On 27 September Dame Cally Palmer, National Cancer Director for the NHS, will join us to talk about the importance of putting up a united front to make cancer easier to diagnose and treat. From raising awareness of vital health screenings to giving more patients access to the latest technology and treatment options, how can our communities, health professionals and politicians all come together to make a difference? 


Dame Palmer also brings first-hand experience as CEO of The Royal Marsden Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, and will share the reality facing our hospitals as they deal with backlog of patients caused by Covid.

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Anonymous said...

Almost impossible to get an appointment at our GP surgery so cancers will be missed - when will Brent provide a better local health service in this crowded area of London?