Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Brent Youth Slashed

From Brent Connexions Website
The budget outlines cuts in youth provision that brought about the mass meeting at Brent Town Hall last week LINK 

Restructuring of the Brent Youth Service including job cuts will slash £153,000 from the budget with the cutting of the Dennis Jackson Centre (in Wembley) £36,000, St Raphael Centre £70,000, and Wembley Centre (£101,000). Cuts to Connexions which offers vital  information, advice and support to 13-19 year olds LINK will lose staff.

So the Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition has stopped this generation of youths' schools being refurbished and taken away their EMA; and the Labour Council has closed their youth clubs and removed support.

Stand by for a summer of discontent!

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