Thursday, 10 February 2011

Let the Kids Carry on Shining!

Learning from the outdoors
Shine, an extended learning programme for 60 disadvantaged youngsters based at the Preston Manor City Learning Centre could be affected by the possible closure of the Welsh Harp Environmental Centre.

The students attend the programme every Saturday during term time and focus on activities connected to the science, maths and English curriculum using technology and creative media as motivational tools.

In the Summer term they are working on 'Powerscape' which is centred around teaching children about alternative energy sources.  Each student will be travelling to the Welsh Harp and working on environmental sculptures related to this theme. The sculptures will be nestled in the woodlands and unveiled in July.

They will also be working on an informative advertising campaign (print and film) to educate young people about considering reducing the energy they use and the things they can to do to help reduce energy consumption.

Shine has made real impact over three years and helped young people to aim higher and bridge learning gaps. It would be a terrible shame if the twin threats hanging over the Welsh Harp Centre and the City Learning Centre should end the project which enhances learning and contributes to Brent's Climate Change Strategy.

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