Friday, 4 February 2011

Gordon Brown Threatened Too?

Generations of Brent children have had their first taste of the country here
The Gordon Brown Outdoor Education Centre is a Brent outpost near the village of Rotherwick in Hampshire. It is used for 3 or 5 day residential trips by many Brent schools. Its possible closure often comes up during periods of cutbacks and it sits on a potentially valuable site in beautiful countryside.

However the Centre has over the years built up a whole range of activities apart from residential tips including themed activity days, corporate events, birthday parties and team building. All this has been in order to become more self-sufficient so that the Centre can stave off any more closure threats.

Rumours are circulating that it could be up for closure again or face the possibility of being sold off to a private company. there may be confusion with the Welsh Harp Centre but meanwhile you may like to read something I wrote in the Independent several years ago about children's experience at the Gordon Brown Centre. LINK

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