Sunday, 6 February 2011

Primary teacher: Why we must retain the Welsh Harp and Gordon Brown Centres

Magic! The Welsh Harp at dusk
I think it's vital we maintain funding for both Welsh Harp and the Gordon Brown Centre. I've been taking groups to the Gordon Brown Centre for almost 20 years now. Every group has thoroughly loved the experience and learn much - it's simply an outdoor learning centre - learning in a fun way. ! Having taught year six for so many years every Science opportunity is brought out from the rings on tree trunks to the bees pollinating the flowers ( depending on the season) !

The same applies to the  the Welsh Harp. We have taken groups for geography over a number of years and our students attending the Shine programme have also used it in their programme on Saturdays for the past three years. We will also be using it for kayaking this summer as we have done before.

In all both are valuable as outdoor learning centres and it would be criminal for the little green space we have in Brent to be taken from us with the increasing number of flats being built. What lungs will we have left in Brent?

Mark Betts St Joseph's Junior  School,Wembley

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