Saturday, 5 February 2011

Libraries Day of Action - local campaigns

The Save Preston Library Campaign have started an e-petition on Brent Council's site. The petition reads:
Keep Preston Library Open We the undersigned petition the council to keep Preston Library open and give full consideration to alternatives to the removal of essential local library services to the Preston ward under the Brent "Library Transformation Project". We oppose the sale or redevelopment of the site that does not include a Brent public library. : We oppose the closure of Preston Library, a cost-efficient local service that is well used by all the local community.

It provides essential facilities for some of our community, particularly senior citizens and those with limited mobility, schoolchildren, and the unemployed and others who may not have access to a computer.

Preston Library service is more accessible and meets the needs of a greater number of local people than would a multimillion-pound mega-library at Wembley Stadium, to which many users would find it difficult to travel.

We demand that Brent Council give adequate time and due consideration to alternatives plans to the closure of Preston Library, including the revision of proposals for the library at the Civic Centre.

We also oppose the sale or disposal of the Preston Library site for any redevelopment that does not include a public library for the use of local citizens.
 To sign the petition follow this link. The campaign needs at least 50 signatories LINK

The campaign is holding an organising meeting at 3pm today at the library and also encouraging as many people as possible to use it and borrow as many books as possible.

There will be a public meeting in  support of the campaign on Wednesday 16th February, 7.30pm Preston Park Primary School

The Cricklewood Campaign has a public meeting on Thursday 10th February 6.30pm at 6.30pm at the library.

The Willesden and Wembley Observer petition to save ALL Brent libraries has now got 71 signatures. More are urgently needed.  SIGN HERE

Finally you can see a map of library protests across the country HERE and follow action in today's Day of Action on Library Closures HERE

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