Tuesday, 1 February 2011


I compile a weekly press review for Brent Green Party members. Last week's was so full of cuts stories that I thought I would publish it to help readers keep up with Brent Council's assault on non-statutory provision. WBT is Willesden and Brent Times and WWO is the  Wembley and Willesden Observer.

COMMUNITY GROUPS WELCOMED TO RUN LIBRARIES DUE TO CLOSE WWOp5 Cllr James Powney calls for campaign groups to come up with practical plans to run libraries with volunteers.  He said he had three 'vague expressions of interest' from Kensal Rise, Cricklewood and Preston supporters. ex Lib Dem Councillor Peter Corcoran, campaigning for Tokyngton says 'I don't want to see a situation where it will run for a year, then it closes because people lose interest. The libraries are run by the council and should continue to be run by them. It is their responsibility -that is why we pay our council tax.'
COUNCIL TO SHED 400 MORE JOBS WWOp9, JOB LOSSES 'HORRIFIC' WBTp1  Following on 350 redundancies last year Brent Council tend to shed 400 more jobs. Letters were delivered to those affected  last Friday and the consultation period will end on April 17th.
DON'T HIT THE VULNERABLE WWOp14 Letter drawing attention to the impact of cuts on people with disabilities, mental health issues and autism. The writer says they should not bear the brunt of a crisis caused by bankers.
PROTESTS AT PLANS TO CHOP PARK WARDENS WBTp2, PARKS WILL BE 'NO-GO' AREAS, SAY RESIDENTS WWOp7 Protests against the axing of 9-1/2 park warden full-time posts affecting Roundwood, Barham,  Gladstone, King Edward VII, Roe Green, Preston and Gibbons Recreation ground. Cllr Powney said he was confident park security would be maintained - 'We will have a lower number of park wardens but they will still be covering the same number of parks, and be performing the same number of patrols. The key difference is that we will be moving away from a static service to a roaming one.'
AXE LOOMS OVER GROUP HELPING YOUNG QUIT GANGS WBTp3 Despite referrals from social workers, pupil referral units and youth offender teams this centre run by a former probation officer and social worker is running out of money after government cuts.
GAME ON: RESIDENTS FIGHT CHARTERIS CENTRE CLOSURE WBTp5 Campaigners and Brent Eleven Streets Residents' Association met to help save the Charteris Sports Centre. Cllr Powney (him again!) said it was losing £100,000 a year. A committee has been set up to meet with the council and to work out a business plan to keep the Centre open. Powney said the plan would have to be convincing in order for the Council to grant a period of grace.
EMA AXE 'SLAP IN THE FACE FOR STUDENTS'  WBTp13 Brent has the second highest take up of EMA in London with 3,684 claiming. It also has the 6th highest unemployment rate in London. research by the University and College Union shows 70% of students bin poorest areas would drop out of college if the EMA was stopped. Students, Vicki Fagg (CNWL principal) and Cllr Zaffar Van Kalwala all protest at its abolition.

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